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The Schedule

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As we all know the schedule which is being used in the "New" NHL is crap and was crap when they voted it in.
Here are a few reasons why it is crap:
1. 32 Games against teams in your division - Yes you do want rivalry with teams in your division but 8 games is quite a bit. Seeing the same faces for that many times may be a bit too much. The only good which comes from it is not a lot of travel being your pretty close to other teams in your division except for really Detroit. I would have rather seen an odd number of games so it makes it more like a series.
2. Play only 10 games against the other conference - The only good was that you would only be in a different time zone for 5 games. But if this was done in one streak would be okay but sometimes they are is home games or games against teams in your division before going to the other conference. What they should have two periods where all the hockey is being played against the other conference. So if your in the other conference you do it all at once.
The other reason why it sucked is that people in the west here the spectacular play of Ovechkin and Crosby but hardly see it. They are missing out. While the East does not understand that the west has also great players yes we hear Kopitar is something special but we hardly are able to see him play. All we see is the highlights the next morning.
3. 40 Games against in-conference teams - this was not that bad but what I hated was how two teams may meet 3 times in 2 weeks and then you play once more for the rest of the season why can't they separate the games out so they can play one game ever 1.5 month around.

New Schedule and what I think

1. 24 games in your division - I am happy they took out games against teams in the same division 6 games I think is perfect, being you still would have the rivalry and quite close to home. I really have no complaints about this.
2. 40 in-conference games - They kept it the same which as I said is good I just hope they spread out the games more so we do not see the same team 3 or 2 times in the same month
3. 15 games against teams in other conference- Well okay you do play atleast each team in the other conference but there is still the problem in which if your in the east, the western games are late and some times cannot watch the game and would not be bale to see the western teams play against your team. I would have like to see more games against the teams in the other conference. But this is a start. This would be a bit more travelling but well worth it.
4. 3 wild card games - Would these games be in conference, in your division or any random team in the NHL what I would like to see would be that these games go towards teams in the other conference. So for the original 6 teams the four eastern should use 2 of their wild card games to play against the 2 original 6 in the west and the last one against another west team so like for how about for the canadian eastern teams play against one of the western canadian teams

How My Schedule Would Look
1. 20 Divisional Games -You would play your divisional teams five times while it is only 1 game per team less then their proposed schedule is still enough to keep the rivalry going with the teams in your division. This would also lets teams not have as many important 3 point games.
2. 35 in-conference games - 3 games against one division in your conference and 4 games against another division in your conference.
3. 25 out of conference game - Would play 2 divisions out of your conference home and away while one division just home or away. This enables the fans too see more games out of conference and would automatically be able too see 10 western teams visit your arena. Again more traveling by probably 10 or 5 games in other conference. There would be a nice mix in the schedule this way also
4. 2 wild card games - these games could be played against 2 random teams in the other division in the west which only saw once or 2 teams in same conference only played 3 times.

Another format
1. 20 games against division
2. 30 games against in-conference teams
3. 30 games against out of conference teams - home and away contest against each out of conference team and your fans can see all out of conference team play once in your division
4. 2 wild - the two wild games can be played against teams in your own division
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November 30, 2007 12:42 AM ET | Delete
great post really enjoyed i good job
November 30, 2007 1:48 AM ET | Delete
meh, I don't really care that much about scheduling... yeah every team should play each other at least once a year, but aside from that, its just window dressing...
December 2, 2007 6:58 AM ET | Delete
NHL should fit the schedule from Oct. 1 to Mar. 15 . Reduce the number of games and increase the number of playoff games with best of 9 playoff series. Playoff games are what the fans want. The best 5 out of 9 could create the rivalries and tv ratings the NHL wishes for. Fans cry to see a player once a year and the NHL tampers the schedule. Most fans only watch on tv. The fans have spoken and the NHL listened. Now listen to me NHL. BRING BACK HOME WHITES!
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