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The Montreal Canadiens are gelling right now and I see a reason why we should not get a rental player. The first reason is our team is close to 1st in the east so why mess with them. Another we will be giving way to much for rental player such as the likes of Hossa. The only reason to go for a player like that is if we have knowledge that they will sign with us and keep them for a few years. If we get the likes of him a roster player would have to go the other way. Since Gainey joined the Habs he been all about the youngsters and it is been working. We may have to manky defensive prospects so one could get traded and I would not mind seeing Valentenko being traded. I for sure do not want to see O'byrne being traded because he looks like a potential phaneufesque player playing beside Hamrlik. Fisher and Mcdonagh are also great defensmen. Especially next year our defensive corps may need a lift with Brisbois leaving and maybe Dandenault being traded. Here are the players which should be untouchable:

A,S Kostitsyn

Koivu (if we can get a #1 center, which has size and scoring like jokinen)
Higgins (If we can get a RW like Hossa for a few years)
Dandenault or Bouillon

In the Middle
Latendresse or Lapierre

I have one other note which has nothing to do with Montreal it is with the Sundin trade potential, Yes he has a NTC but other then that as a team I would not give up as much for Sundin because of the knowledge he will not sign with you at the end of the year, because he would retire or sign back with the leafs. So as Fletcher I would package him with Antropov, someone which would be able to stay with the franchise. As Fletcher for Sundin I would try to get a 2 prospects and atleast a 1st round draft pick if not a 2nd also. Look at what Philly got for forsberg around that much or a bit more.
February 6, 2008 3:38 PM ET | Delete
Higgins will not be traded under any circumstances... he is turning out to be a serious impact player and an all around solid contributor. Sundin, regardless of rental status is worth more than any player on the market with the exception of Hossa and possibly Jokinen. Take what Forsberg and Tkachuk were worth and start multiplying because Sundin is an impact player who is consistent, a proven playoff performer, and fairly healthy throughout his career... that's more than can be said for either Tkachuk or Forsberg.
February 6, 2008 7:16 PM ET | Delete
of course, your Sundin is purely as a 3rd party, not at ALL influenced by being a Habs Fan...He`ll get the moon in return.
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