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Koivu Bogey A-OK

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here is the article which I commenting about: http://www.faceoff.com/ho...6b-45f8-9f07-46280098d1d9

Yes Koivu and other did not show at the gold tournament that was held Sept. 2nd. There are many reasons why they did not. Normally the tournament is a week before training camp but this year it is more then two weeks away. So I mean if players are going in Europe and they are training let them stay there. I mean the Kostitsyn bros were in euro, pleks, AK27, Koivu and Hammer while La Rock stayed in Edmonton. Laraque hates the sport so fine let him stay in edmonton until training camp. Koivu was training with Turku in FInland. While the others most likely also.

If Koivu was in Montreal sitting on his Lazy Boy downing a beer and having a bag of chips in his hand then I would be mad at him not showing. He is training getting ready for another long season so I am glad he did not show and rather put the more physical game ahead of the golf the "sport" more of a hobby made professional. I doubt it is the fans getting mad at Koivu not being there because, not a lot of fans go and if they did what would they ask him. The French media wanted him there just because they need the person to rag on. So they can ask him there stupid idiotic questons, such as how is your french, why don;t you know french or did you learn any french. When really the questions should be about hockey.

Laraque not showing is no big deal. Montreal now has a enough french speaking players that one missing is no big deal. They were probably mad because they wanted another french speaker. I mean i do not see a player of his size 6'3", 243lb playing golf. It is like if you would be seeing Derek Boogaard in a tutu and doing ballet or figure skating. I think also Laraque would rather be in Edmonton training and all then just sitting in the Clubhouse.

September 8, 2008 8:46 PM ET | Delete
I agree the players need to have a life to good job habbies
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