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Habs Trade Deadline

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What I want from the Hockey Gods for the trade deadline.......nothing, yes you heard me nothing. Well let me rephrase that nothing in the name of Hossa or Jokinen with their huge price tags of higgins, plekanecs or both. Yes Hossa would be a dream but higgins is young and can be great

Higgins: 6 ft 199 lb for 3 full season (icluding this years on pace for) 223GP 70G 56A 126 Pts
Hossa 6'1 ft 210 lb
first 3 full seasons 219 GP 76G 85A 161 Pts

Hoss did better, but Higgins can still turn into a great player. If Hossa was picked up in UFA these would be the lines I see:

Higgins - Koivu - Hossa
Kovalev - Plekanec - A. Kostitsyn
Latendresse - Chipchura - S. Kostitsyn
Agonstini - Lapierre - Kostopolos/Begin

We have an extra person on offense so preferably trade kostopoulos or begin. Plus we have Dandenault and Streit which can play offense.

Anyways this year, our koivu line is not clicking, well Koivu did score tongiht (against florida) so maybe we can hope it can roll so we have to lines which could be a threat and would help a lot.

Our defense does not need help as long Hamrlik gets healthy and Breezer is a few hundred feet up from the ice surface it will be good. Our line up which I want to see for the rest of this season is

Markov - Komisarek
Hamrlik - O'byrne/Gorges
Bouillon/Dandenault - Striet

It has been rumoured that Gainey is trying to trade Dandenault or Bouillon. Which I would not mind, free up that spot for the rookies to play more. O'byrne adds size to our Defense. Hamrlik is rumoured to have some strange sickness and we need him back.

UFA Defenseman

Dan Boyle - Great D, good for transition play, passes to the forwards quickly, We have Markov which does the same so we really do not need this defenseman and his rumoured 7 mil contract which can be used better.

Campbell - An Offensive D, who is better then Souray except for the booming shot, he could fit if he would sign for a reasonable price and play with Hamrlik but if h is asking a lot them not worth it.Striet great on the PP so no pressure.

Jackman - A great Defensive D, Who would also fit but rumoured he wants 5 mil which would be to much to pay where we had defensman prospects which I rather see there and save that money.

This is the most important signing for montreal which can dictate how well montreal will do next year, is Huet. Signing him and letting him help Price and let them split time would help Price. Don;t get me wrong he will be a great goalie but you should never stick a rookie goalie in the nets for 70 games a season. Let me refer you to someone named Fleury and ask me what he is doing right now after pittsburgh shoved him in to the nets.

If Huet does not want ot sign then go out and get a veteran goalie which can help Price and Play 22 games around. So someone like Kolzig, Joseph.... Roloson. So hopefully Huet signs.

Montreal Should Stand Pat due to we have a young team and next year our youngsters will gain experience and Then if Gainey sees something which needs fixing he can fix away but this year he should see how the Canadiens play out.
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February 14, 2008 4:12 PM ET | Delete
don't like your defense pairings... why would you have Bouillon and Dandenault sitting when they are both more dynamic and versatile players than Gorges and O'Byrne. To compare swift skating Brian Campbell to plodding Souray is an insult to Campbell. Sure Souray has a cannon, but Campbell contributes far more in every game situation. I also disagree with your idea that Montreal should stand pat. It just so happens that the Habs are playing like the cream of the NHL crop, why would you not take a stab at a Cup while you had a chance? They have enough prospects to give up a couple for an attempt at Hossa or Jokinen. I doubt very much that you will be able to sign Huet in the off-season, so personally I would be going as far as I can with him now.
February 14, 2008 10:29 PM ET | Delete
If the habs could get olli I think he would be best fit I think he is the most gifted player and the biggest prize.
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