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Domino Effect

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Probably a lot of you are wondering, when these trades are going to happen. Especially after the Ottawa trade. Now you think teams would want to respond right away well not really. They have 11 days. Also Commodore and Stillman are not BIG names. Yes, they are good players don't get me wrong and fill will fill a big role in Ottawa. Ottawa got what they needed. When I am talking big names I mean Forsberg, Sundin, Hossa, Jokinen, Boyle and Blake.

Most likely we will hear Forsberg news first. If he is going to play or Retire. Then this will start the real trade talks. Teams would rather sign someone then trade for someone. It also depends which conference he is in. The conference he is in will denote which teams would make a bigger push for the others.

While the big names may not be gone until the last day. Teams would want to try to get players like Vascal Prospal which would be cheaper and even be playing better then the big names. Prospal you know is putting up the numbers and is healthy unlike Forsberg who may put up the numbers but is not the healthiest person on the block.

Here who I think will go first and go where.

1. Forsberg - Philly or NYR or Retire

Philly - Because especially now with the flyers struggles and Gagne out maybe for the whole season they may want to pick up a scorer and FOrsberg may be the answer especially being they do not need to get rid of any players. But would FOrsberg want to go theren wo being Gagne injured. Also Forsberg said he had unfinished business

NYR - He been saying he would want to play there but I do not see NYR really wanting him. They are already have a few super stars and I do not think they want to repeat what happened to them when every player they ahd was an all star and they could not play together. ALso NYR is crazy with centers, and unless Foppa wants to play as a winger they do need him.

2. Boyle - NYR, Philly, SJ, Boston

NYR - They need defense and Boyle is a great transition player which would really help to get the puck to NYR stars like Jagr, Gomez and Drury. The only problem is that would NYR want to get rid of some of their few prospects in the names of staal, dawes, dubinsky or cherapanov or Montoya. I see Montoya as manditory player going the other way but then what does NYR care with King Sweden signed for 6 years. But i would see a player likes Dawes going also. Don;t think they will get Boyle for cheap. Malik is a bit overpaye to go the other way.

Philly - They are looking for D also. They are looking at Parent but I do not see him as the answer. Boyle would fit in there well but i am not sure who they would have to give up. They have the prospects to give up but some would be untouchable. Giroux is one the Van remsdiuk, Parent and Downie. I do not see Parent going because why get rid of defense which they can potentially use and only gettign a rental who is asking for 7 mil nest season which they cannot sign for that much. Carter is a player which may go for a trade but Tampa does not need a guy asking a few mill which they cannot pay and also they already got top to centers.

SJ - looking for D, and are hot on Blake also. SJ isa team if they get a top D they can be true contenders. Boyle may be the one. Would be a great fit. Especially being that San Jose has a great pool of prospects and can afford to give some up. This can possibly happen.

Bos - They are another team in which if they can pick up a D they can be contenders and a team which are ailing for D. Rumour has it they been shopping Kessel for D, which for me i think is a bad idea but if they will part with him then Boyle could be a good pick up fi they can sign him. If he signs goo deal but if he is a pure rental not so great.

3. Blake - SJ, NYR, Min, Avs

SJ - Has been heard a couple times, trying ot get this player. He will fit well into their plans being that they would need a Defensive D. Which can put on the hits and make players pay if they try to enter his zone. He would also bring some experience to the back end. Not saying SJ does not have experience there, they got Rivet who went all the way. But Blake would also help the young ones in Vlasic, Erhoff and Carle.

NYR - If they cannot get Boyle, you will see them try to make a big pitch at Blake and NYR would have players that LA would llike. Blake would bring some experience to their blue line and help out Staal.

Min - Blake would fit well into the Lemaire philosophy over there. As defense first. Minn may have to give up some good prospects for him but they do enough to give up for him. If Minn can pick up a D they could be contenders.

Avs - Well they are trying to bring Blake back and hope they can bring hid gformer glory back with his famous hip checks. If Avs get him you would most likely see Svatos go the other way draft pick.

4. Hossa - Habs, Ott, Det, Ana

Habs - With all the rumours swirling around them, especially with Waddell appearing at Montreal games. The big name which may go to Atlanta for him is Higgins which could be a big loss if especially they do not sign him. If they could sign Hossa then would be big. Montreal would need a forward and Hossa could fit the bill.

Ott - Ottawa been rumoured but with the Signing of Stillman I cannot see it unless one of thier players goes down in ijnury. This would give them a Killer First line. I don;t see them doing it because a goalie is more important to them and, the onyl way is they could get a goalie for cheap and then have enough for Hossa.

Det - There name been mentioned but they are another team which I do not see Hossa there. They have strong team as is, And they work around Chemistry and bringing in a player may ruin it. I see them sticking as is.

Ana - Now with the signing of Selanne they may not be looking for a winger but possibly they may want to look for a Center like SUndin. They would not really Want a Winger.

5/6. Sundin - Cal, Van, Ana, Ott, SJ

Cal - I think Sundin can most likely end up here because calgary is not asking for any other player then him. He can fit well give Tanguay a Spark or play with iggy. Players which would go the other way could be Dustin Boyd, Lombardi, and player which would fit Toronto well and they can use would be Robyn Regehr. Robyn would fit a good role for Toronto and can much improve there D.

Van - They been rumoured and they do have great players which could be traded but some just won't fit Toronto, such as Kesler. Toronto has a player in the name of Stajan which is doing better then Kesler so why would they "waste" Sundin on a Kesler. One htign which Van-city has which Toronto may like are Defenseman. Vancouver has Bourdon, Elder, and Bieska which are young and potentially good D. Bieksa would be a good fit in Toronto, because he is a D which cna play a lot of minutes and have a good shot which toronto does not need being they do have quite a bit of offensive D. Edler is the D which Toronto to go for he is having a phenominal rookie year and can fit in well but vancouver would be stupid to give him up. They would most likely give up Bourdon or Bieksa before. Also van would have to give up a forward prospect and it could be Pat White (C). and a few draft picks. Vancouver could be great contenders if they get there Hands on Sundin and put him with Naslund and hope to fuel him.

Ana - this could be interesting Sundin would fit but they all ready have great forwards. If toronto trades Sundin to him then Bobby Ryan and Edmonton first rounder have to be part of the deal. This is great pick up having two lottery draft picks and Bobby ryan who was chosen second overall. Anaheim would be a dangerous team

SJ - San Jose would need a second center due to Marleau crappiness. And put Marleau on the wing and Sundin as Center. If SJ wants him Segtouchi would have to go to Toronto , he is speedy right winger which could fit. And they would need a draft pick. Or also pick up a young forward like Pavelski, Kaspar.

Ott- Sundin can play with alfie, and be a dangerous combo. However Ottawa prospects are slowly being depleted, So really would be roster players, Such as Meszeros or Vermette, and draft picks.gary

5/6. Olli Jokinin - Montreal, Calgary, Dal

Habs - Montreal is in need of a power center jokinene fits the bill but Flordia is asking to much in Plekanec and Higgins. Which Montreal Would never give however Montreal is not trading Koviu but listening to offers. SO if Florida would trade Jokinen for Koivu it would be a toss up we would loss the Leadership but then Maybe for Koivu it would be better he gets out of the atmosphere of Guy Bertrand and the french media. Jokinen would line up with Higgins and S. Kostitsyn which could be a great line.

Calgary - They are looking for a first line center to play with Iginla. Jokinen would be a good choice but they would have to give Lombardi, Regehr, Boyd. Regher is the player which Florida is asking for and Boyd would also most likely hav to go. Essentialy if this trade is done is because of Keenan who brought Jokinen in to FLorida. However Calgary is near the ceiling for next year so a slalry would have to move out and most likely Tanguay wil be the guy going somewhere else could Florida want Tanguay.

Dal - They need scoring and Jokinen would help that, One of the two big Dallas D prospects would go the other way in in Niskanen or Vishnevskiy. Most likely a center would have to go the other way also. And a draft pick.

I do not see Jokinen being moved beofre the trade deadline because Florida is in it and could potentially make it. Jokinen would be a big part in them making it. The only way they will move him is if a BIG offer comes there way.

While for Sundin will be traded right at the end when a team is desperate and will give the moon for Sundin. Potentially if Toronto winsa few games and few teams lose Toronto could be few points away and Sundin may not want to waive his NTC. Also if Sundin wants to retire at the end of this season then he will stay a Leaf and finish his career as a leaf. Leaf fans should not be mad if he decides to do this because look what he has doen for you in the last 14 years. If he wants to finish his career you should respect that and not say well if we traded him he could have helped us. Toronto Fans should thank him for what he done and if he wants to Stay Let him stay. SUndin Owes nothing to Toronto, Toronto owes Sundin. For the way he played for you.

IF Sundin Dealt Team which most likely will Pick him up

1. Calgary
2. Anaheim
3. Vancouver
4. San Jose
5. Ottawa

Teams which Toronto would Most Likely Get the Most out Of

1. Anaheim
2. San Jose
3. Vancouver
tied for 4. Ottawa and Calgary
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February 15, 2008 4:13 PM ET | Delete
good blog I think the flames will be quiet I don't see them doing much Boyle will go to ott and sundin to the ducks. I still think Hossa will go to the habs
February 15, 2008 5:03 PM ET | Delete
no way flames trade regehr to maple laughs for sundin. Regehr took a hometown discount to stay with the flames and is locked in at 4 per year of five years. Why would the flames trade one of the best dman in the league who is locked up for years to come for rent a player such as sundin, who i would love to have. If tanguay is going the other way i can see it happening. Jokinen would be different because he still has a year left on his deal. If we could get joki for tanguay, lombardi, that might be enough for florida to seriousally consider, although i think lombardi is still going to be a good one
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