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5 Thoughts @ July 1st

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I've been watching free agency unfold for the last hour or so and a couple things have crossed my mind.

1) Matt Duchene. I know he's not a free agent, but how long until they actually trade this guy. I feel like they have been dragging it out forever and he needs to be moved. It wouldn't surprise me to see a couple of domino's drop once Sakic finally pulls the trigger. A bunch of teams are probably waiting on their next move due to the fallout from any deal with Duchene.

2) Joe Thornton. It's only a matter of time until he signs. The guy is getting up there in age but still would provide a healthy addition at center to almost any team. It has been speculated by hockey pundits that he is looking for three years. If honestly asked the question "Would I sign Joe Thornton to a three year deal?", the answer is yes, yes I would. He can slot into a number of teams in a number of roles, ie: mentor, 2nd line centre, playmaker and I think has the durability to last another three years. Especially if playing in the slightly less physical east. Whoever signs him gets at worst an adequate number 2 center with a ceiling of top end production.

3) Toronto. Here is a team I think who wins no matter what they do. If I was a Leaf fan, I would be breathing easy these days. There are just so many smart hockey people involved in the organization now. I doubt fans will see any of the deals that used be given out by GM's since the lockout. No random Jeff Finger or Jason Blake contracts anymore. They will bring in the right people at the right time. If no one is available that suits their needs they can stand pat without fear of backlash. This is a team that will take a step forward even with only minor tweaking. The rookies are learning to play and will only grow better with time. Managing them correctly will do more than any random UFA signing. Toronto is pretty set. That all being said if they pick up a quality defenceman, all the more credit to their management.

4)Alexander Radulov. I had the pleasure of watching him last year and know who ever signs him is getting a quality forward. I didn't know much about him while he was on Nashville except from media outlets but his time on Montreal showed me his worth. What struck me most about Radulov was actually his great defensive play. He really back checks well. He always skates back and he put up decent points on a weak offensive team. Radulov really is a complete package as a winger. It should be interesting to see where he lands as term is apparently a big concern for him.

5)Michael Cammalleri: One year with the Kings and comes home to the team that drafted him. A good signing I think. You can't argue the mans abilities. He is fully capable of putting up 40 pts at a minimum and the $1,000,000 + incentive contract is great value. The only "?" is that Cammalleri has long been thought to be a source of discontent on teams. Fantastically skilled but not always pulling in the same direction. Personally I hope the best for him as I like the Kings and know his sharpshooting can help out after a down offensive year.

More thoughts as the day wears on.
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