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"The Ten Minute Misconduct"
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(Editor’s note: The writer of this blog assumes no responsibility for any vision impairment that results from looking at the ugly jerseys linked to this post. Read at your own risk.)

A few years ago, the Blues were prepared to roll out an alternate jersey when Mike Keenan did the first, last, and only good thing he ever did for the Blues organization. Iron Mike took one look at this jersey and refused to allow his players to wear it on the ice.
Look up “never worn blues third jersey” on Google image search and you’ll see why not even Mike Keenan was crazy enough to let his players wear this jersey.

Jersey disasters can happen to the best of us, which is why the NHL needs a Director of Jersey Operations to prevent teams from hurting themselves or at least a new jersey approval process. Take, for example, the Kings alternate jersey. This jersey is so bad that I think the NHL almost passed a new rule requiring all players to wear visors to protect their eyes from the ugly. Look at Gretzky sporting this disaster at: http://espn.go.com/page2/...k/nhlthirdunis/worst.html

So, in order to prevent jerseys that are more disturbing Mike Ricci in spandex (see footnote), we need a jersey regulator in the NHL. Actually, an independent committee would probably be better. If we leave this job to Bettman and the NHL…well, you remember the cartoon Mighty Duck jersey? That’s the kind of catastrophe that happens when we leave the jersey approval process to the NHL. (You can also view this jersey along with many other ugly jerseys at the same ESPN link as the Kings jersey. The Tampa jersey on that page gave me nightmares.) So, I think a committee of 30 fans from each NHL city should decide if a team's new design is legit. Well, maybe only 29 teams will get one representative. Nashville’s one vote will be represented by a 3 member caucus from Kansas City, Nashville and Hamilton. A two-thirds majority will be required for a team to completely change their home and away jerseys.

Original Six teams, for the most part, will be required to keep their same jersey design with only minor changes. (Which means no more freaking bear head jerseys, Boston! Stick to the classic!). And all teams will have to provide, in writing, why they feel this new jersey is as good as their old jersey.

Still don’t think it’s a good idea? Well, I guess you trust the Gordon’s Fisherman…(google image search “Gordon’s Fisherman jersey and you’ll see what I mean…)

(Footnote: A picture of Mike Ricci in spandex would have been too disturbing, even for the internet.)
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