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"The Ten Minute Misconduct"
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The Blues beat Detroit which is always a good thing, but there are a couple things that really irked me tonight...

-Night Class. I didn't catch the entire game and only saw the last period. I missed the one freaking time that Blues not only beat Detroit, but beat them on national TV!!!

-eric brewer. I didn't capitalize his name because he was very bad. I understand mistakes, but not when a player should know better. In the waning minutes of a one goal game, he made a no-look, through-the-legs pass directly onto the tape of the NHL's leading goal scorer, Henrik Zetterberg!!! It made my blood boil, and it's a good thing that didn't result in a goal. In a divisional game where points are precious, you don't make that kind of boneheaded play.

This kind of play is exactly why I am not a brewer fan. Not that all of his mistakes are of this caliber, but I feel like a veteran player like brewer should know better than to do some of the things that he does. And we wonder why he's a team low -9...

Good things about tonight:

-The Blues won.

-David Perron had two goals. He's a freaking stud. I thought he looked shaky during the first couple of games, and if he wouldn't have gotten better, I'd say send him back to junior. But the last entire game I saw, he was a constant scoring threat, and tonight, he had two goals. Not bad. I'm glad the Blues are keeping him around.

-Jamal Mayers had the game-winning goal. Against the Red Wings. Jamal freaking Mayers not only scored, but scored the game winner. Against Detroit. I had to retype it again just to believe it. Hockey has unlikely heroes. In other news, North Korea disarmed, Brent Johnson stopped a puck, and the Florida Panthers sold out all of their remaining games. I'm going to buy a lottery ticket.

-Detroit lost.
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November 14, 2007 12:38 PM ET | Delete
well i pretty much agree about brewer but the parts of the game you missed he played pretty darn good for him except when he was on the pp. it makes me want to vomit seeing him out there on a pp. jammer's somehow getting better this year. that was one of the best slap shots i've seen him take in years. normally, in the past that shot flies wide and then we give up a 2-1 or a breakaway. the best part of it was that it chased hasek out of the net and then we all started chanting osgood.perron looked more like a kid playing his first two nhl games but i wouldn't say shakey. in his second game he was out on the ice for under four minutes. the next game he got some more time and he looked better. and by the game after that he started to gain confidence and dominate a little more and score a goal. i reccomend either getting tivo, using your computer if you have windows media or buying a vcr man. or maybe it's on on demand. but check the listings a lot of times versus plays the game the next day at around 3 or 4.
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