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Philadelphia Flyers

Posted 11:29 AM ET | Comments 3
I have to open up with.... WHAT A GOAL BY BRIERE!!! Absolute playmaker.

What positives and negatives do we see so far?


The top line has looked absolutely amazing in my eyes. For the most part dominate the ice during 5 on 5 situations and when the three are on the PP together they create tons of opportunities. This line is going to be AMAZING to follow here in philly.

Marty Biron has looked very good. Yea he has let up 6 goals, but he has played extremely well. He has stood on his head and made some great saves up to this point. Hopefully he can keep it up and continue to play well as the defense improves in front of him.

Randy Jones has been an absolute shocker to me. He has come into this season with a fire under him and is playing extremely well. Blocking shots, playing sound defense, and even jumping into the offense. If Randy can keep this up it will be a tremendous boost to the club.

Ben Eager has been all over the ice creating turnovers and scoring opportunities. Not to mention he only has 2 penalty minutes, if he can continue to play this way and stay out of the box, he deserves more than 5 minutes a game and will be a great contribution to our success. Turn overs critical to winning.

Scott Hartnell had an absolute awesome game on Saturday. This guy gives his all on the ice and plays a physical skilled game. Reminds me a bit of the Knuble style of player. How about those two dingers off the crossbar!!! Keep it up scotty boy!!


PLAY ALL 60 MINUTES!!! This is something that the leadership is going to have to step up and make happen. Smith, Gagne, Richards, Timonen, Hatcher, Knuble, Briere need to make this happen. This is a tremendous leadership core and I am confident they will do everything they can to make this happen.

Get out of our zone. We are finding ourselves pinned inside our zone for way to long for stretches in games. There was a period in saturdays game where Biron must have felt like he was under attack. This needs to be corrected and again this is something the leadership on defense needs to get a strangle hold on and make happen.

Kapanen... what happened to you? I don't even know what to say about Kapanen other than what is going on man?

Nitty.. This isnt a negative yet. Its more of a question to be answered but are we going to see the nitty of two years ago or the nitty of last year when he is between the pipes? We will have to wait and see but he definately has alot to prove as a young goalie in the NHL.

Defense needs to be more consistent and more physical. I haven't seen Hatcher or Smith really playing their style of hockey yet and throwing their body around. This is something thats going to help the offensive aspect of the defense as well allowing Timonen and Coburn to jump into the offense.

PP looks good for the first unit, but the 2nd unit has gotten nothing going and it needs to improve.

Scoring outside the Briere/Gagne/Knuble line is pretty much non-existant and it needs to pick up. Carter is on a short leash in my book. He is in a contract year in which he needs to develop into the type of center we need him to be, or he needs to be replaced. A 2nd line center is a big part of a teams success and Carter needs to prove he is a damn good one, or he wont be worth the money he commands at seasons end. Move him to wing? NO. His position in our lineup is to be our 2nd line center. We have to many talented wingers to move a center to the wing. Tight leash with this kid.


the negatives that I see in the team up to this point are things in which I think the leadership can actually correct. There is too much talent and desire to win on this team thats its tough for me to sit here and say it won't be corrected. Its going to be a process, but it seems as though its going to be a quick one. Not to mention an extremely exciting one.

Lets hear what you think!
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October 8, 2007 3:24 PM ET | Delete
Nice blog, I know everybody is ripping on Carter but we need to remember it's only been 2 games and he needs to get use to his linemates, he never has the same linemantes I believe the same wingers for an extended time will really help. He is on pace for 41 goals so that isn't bad :)I do agree about Jones, I swear he has been there best D-man, it is truly great to see.
October 8, 2007 3:45 PM ET | Delete
Good blog, Biron on 5 goals, remember 1 was an open net goal. = ) Briere has been awesome but my top player through 2 is Biron. Totally confident in him so far. Hartnell has played well and Carter I thought had a good 1st period in game one and then a very good game in game 2.I can't wait until Wednesday. This team is fun to watch again!
October 8, 2007 6:19 PM ET | Delete
2 goals against Calgary and 4 against Edmonton. well, 5 if you don't count Kunble scoring on Biron :-)
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