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The Hated Flyers

Posted 12:49 AM ET | Comments 9
It has been clear that the Flyers are simply hated around the league, but last nights game completely sealed the deal for me. The VS announcers of the game were 100% biased to the Penguins. The hit Eager has on big bad George was 100% legal, he came in with his arms but Laraque had his one arm up and Eager actually came up underneath Laraques arm and drove his own arm into his head. There was nothing wrong with the hit. This then was followed by 6 penalty minutes by the Penguins and what is the thing the announcers continue to talk about? The Eager hit. Once the game gets out of hand the announcer then begin to defend the dirty play of the Penguins because the Flyers are "running up the score."

I needed to vent about this, but watching that game made me sick to hear how biased the announcers were towards the Penguins.

Listening to the announcers and watching this game, made me remember how great it is to be a fan of the most hated team in the NHL. I love every minute of it.

I am a big fan of coming out and playing the way the Penguins did after getting slaughtered on the score board. If the Flyers got whooped 8-2 I would want Eager baseball sliding into their goalie and punching Laraques head into the ice. I am a huge fan of making a team feel next time it wont be that easy. No one got hurt, and there were bodies flying all over, thats hockey.

But if you are going to come out and play that way cause your getting killed, don't run your mouth after the game about how we continued to play hockey. Sorry our better players wanted to be on the ice when the game was getting heated and they wanted to be a part of the action. Sorry we didn't have our better players sitting on the bench getting a back massage from our coach while holding hands with Malkin and have Staal wipe their tears away like Crosby was.

Maybe I just like the old time Flyers hockey, but I liked what I saw from the Penguins in the 3rd period. Thats how lopsided hockey games should end.

This was one of the best Hockey games I have watched as a Flyers fan. Absolutely awesome display of hockey.
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December 12, 2007 12:48 AM ET | Delete
REPOSTED FROM ANOTHER BLOG "There was absolutely nothing wrong with the Eager hit on Laraque"At any time Pre lock out from 1917-2004 that wouldnt have even been an issue, Mark Messier (yeah THE Mark Messier) Used to knock people right out with Elbows. Eager didnt even get Laraque with his elbow he hit him with his shoulder and popped his elbow up afterwards. But this is the New diet pepsi presentys little baby whiner NHL not the one we loved in the 60's 70's and 80's
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Funny thing is, the in studio guys at VS were talking about the Penguins gooning it up a little. Any time you get 20 penalties, that's out of control. To have Michel Therrien say that the Flyers played with a lack of respect is hilarious.That, my friend, was a Flyers hockey game tonight! Booyah.
December 12, 2007 1:28 AM ET | Delete
anyone else consider ryan potunly a little wuss for just looking at the penguin towards the end of the third when he was putting his glove to his head. potsy had nothing to lose by at least pushing the guy. certain situations i agree to walk away but in that type of game he should have stuck up for himself. and plus i really wanted to see another mini scuffle. other than that, great game. you dont see too many games that go down like this anymore. reminded me of 03-04 vs ottawa minus the goalie fight. cant wait till the next pens game!
December 12, 2007 1:35 AM ET | Delete
As far as biased national brodcast announcing goes, there's none as bad CBC when the Sens play the Leafs. Its starting to get better just becasue they don't put Bob Cole and Harry Neale together that much anymore but its brutal. The excitment that they express when the leafs do anything and the disapointment that they show when the Sens score is blatant. Last year there was no enthusiasm from Bob and Harry during our playoff drive and it was on Canada's network. They could have easily been on our side since we played all american teams but no. We get shafted with that garbage. I hope they allow Dean Brown to do they're games in the playoffs this year.
December 12, 2007 1:51 AM ET | Delete
I'd expect the same from the Flyers if the Pens were up 8-2. It's already a heated rivalry, but a large scoring margin only raises the blood lust even higher. I enjoyed watching it, even as a Pens fan. I especially liked it because it delayed Dennis Miller's show even longer. But that's another topic for another day.
December 12, 2007 9:17 AM ET | Delete
Denis Miller really does suck.
December 12, 2007 9:26 AM ET | Delete
I don't hate the Flyers. I think it's funny, because really it seems that the only people saying the Flyers are hated are the Broadstreeters' themselves! You guys gave that whiner Crosby and his ilk a smackdown, and kudos, but seriously, stop stroking your violins.
December 12, 2007 9:31 AM ET | Delete
oh and AlfieforPm, I couldn't agree more... Remember in game #2 I think it was of ECF, when Briere scored at the last possible minute to tie it! I thought the announcers were going to have a stroke; but when Corvo scored in double OT, barely any emotion registered. There's nothing worse than watching a game with such blatant bias by the announcers... Well, that and if the officials are blatantly biased as well... ;)
December 12, 2007 11:58 AM ET | Delete
cronbergs... theres no stroking our own vilons, it is clear the Flyers are hated around the league. and what you said about the officials... yea we had that a few games ago when Downie played and it was absolutely pathetic. The announcers lasst night made me sick as well.
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