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With the additions of

Briere, Uphsall, Lupul, Hartnell, Timonen, Smith, Kukkonen, Coburn, Biron

since last season, have the Flyers put themselves back into the playoffs?


With the additions of a dynamic player like Briere to take the place of Forsberg, does the Flyers first line have chemisty problems? or does Briere step in and fill the void? Great players can play with any other great players... Right?


Upshall and Carter showed extreme promise at the end of last season. Upshall came in and him and carter became a very strong duo with some great chemisty. Upshall was at Lupuls mountain house when he got the call he was traded, does this mean they have a hockey past together? Could this be re-lighting an old fire from back in there pre-NHL days? Or does this mean they are just good friends who get along well and it will transpire onto the ice?


Not sure what to think of this line... Richards and Kapanen are two of the hardest working players on the Flyers Roster.. Hartnell from what i see is a warrior who is willing to drop the gloves and stand up for his team. Not to familiar with him but it looks like he could fit right in with the style of play Richards has. To me this is our defensive hardworking line who will give it their all every single night no matter what. This out of your third line is invaluable.

Eager, Umberger, Potulny, Ruzicka

Barring the addition of some new players a 3 man combo of these guys will most likely be the looks of our 4th line. Eager brings the fire every night and potulny and ruzicka are two players who are int he growing process in the NHL. Which is the typical makeup of a 4th line in the NHL. Umberger looks to be the odd man out and most likely is being shopped around as we speak since he will be a RFA next season. If not he's a hell of a 4th line center paired up with Eager and one of the two young prospects.


Two veteran players. Should be a sollid matchup. Fast skilled Timonen, with a grounded hard hitting Smith. Two STRONG leadership type players as our top defensive pair... Very encouraging for the young promising players we have behind them.


Could this be the future top defensive pair of the Flyers? Could they grow behind two skilled veteran players? Showed great promise at the end of last season. Lets just hope they get the chance to be paired together and grow into something great here in Philly.

Hatcher, Picard, Jones, Gauthier, and possibly Parent

Some sort of pairing here for the 3rd pairing. I expect to see either Gauthier or Hatcher moved and replaced through an Umberger Trade. We will have to wait and see... The 3rd pairing is the next thing on Homers list i feel... Does Parent crack the lineup this season? Would love to see him get his shot, nothing but raving reviews about this kid.


The Sabres fans tend to talk down on Biron, he came in and played some tremendous goal tending for us to bring the season to a close. Niittymaki has everything to prove in the next 2 years in order to get that payday, he also was the MVP of the olympics... that doesnt happen on accident. Definately a great improvement from Nitty and Esche.

There is much talk of team chemistry and players getting used to playing with one another... Alot of these players have played together in the past, hell we have half the Finish team on our squad. Along with 4 players we pretty much acquired for Forsberg... Upshall, Hartnell, Timonen, Parent. Who all played together in Nashville, I believe Upshall was roommates with either Timonen or Hartnell.. Can't remember which it was. I dont feel team chemistry is going to be a problem at all.

How do we feel about our 2007-2008 Philadelphia Flyers? Are they back into the Playoffs?

Timonen- C
Gagne- A
Kapanen- A
July 9, 2007 3:26 PM ET | Delete
timonen already said he would refuse the captaincy if it is offered to him
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