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1) Briere (6.500) through 14/15 UFA
2) Richards (5.750) through 19/20 UFA
3) Gagne (5.250) through 10/11 UFA
4) Hartnell (4.200) through 12/13 UFA
5) Knuble (2.800) through 08/09 UFA
6) Lupul (2.312) through 08/09 RFA
7) Kapanen (1.250) through 08/09 UFA
8) Upshall (1.225) through 08/09 RFA
9) Tolpecko (.492) through 08/09 RFA

1) Timonen (6.333) through 12/13 UFA
2) Hatcher (3.500) through 08/09 UFA
3) Coburn (1.300) through 09/10 RFA
4) Kukkonen (.875) through 08/09 UFA

1) Biron (3.500) through 08/09 UFA
2) Nitty (1.225) through 08/09 UFA

Total (46.612)

Free Agents
Umberger RFA
Carter RFA
Cote RFA
Potulny RFA
Jones RFA
Picard RFA
Guenin RFA

Dowd UFA
Boulerice UFA
Smith UFA
Fitzpatrick UFA
Vandermeer UFA


Ryan Potulny
**Steve Downie
Stefan Ruzicka
**Alexandre Picard

In The System
**Claude Giroux
**James VanRiemsdyk
**Patrick Maroon
Andreas Nodl
**Kevin Marshall
(** personal favorites)

let me know of any additional information or corrections and any other good links to articles about the cap hit next year let me know so I can add them. trying to keep a nice running tab on the cap situation and the prospects of the Flyers.

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December 26, 2007 7:54 PM ET | Delete
IMHO, the FA's the most likely candidates to be back with the big club would be Carter (unless the deal was sweet enough), Jones, and Smith. My struggle is between Carter and Umberger. That's going to be a gamble. I hope that Cote, Boulerice, and Fitz are gone. I think that Dowd will back since he can at least fill a 4th line role and Vandermeer has history with the club so I see another year for him. Don't know what to think about the AHL'ers. Picard has the best chance since he can get the 1st pass out, Potulny and then Guenin. Again, just MO. One of the biggest questions will be what to do with Hatch. A lot of $$$ tied up in him that could be used somewhere else but I don't think it's a good idea for the club do him like Goat. Anyone think he could be traded at the deadline or before?
December 26, 2007 9:53 PM ET | Delete
Personally... I would do the following. Sign Umberger to a 4-5 year extension at a good price (very doable in my opinion). Extend Lupul's contract in the off season as well. I would let Carter go, whether it is via a trade or letting him fall to RFA, I think the other two make more sense for the club at this point. I would also start the year with Potulny centering the 3rd line next year and go from there. As for the defense, there are too many possibilities to possibly even give an opinion on them in my opinion so I just wont... but I want Timonen, Kukkonen, Coburn, Parent to go nowhere. Just my personal opinion.
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