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I have been pondering what is wrong with the Flames, and what could/should be the fix. Mike Keenan after Saturdays game called upon Mikka Kipprusoff to step up and be better, and really after his performance Saturday night, the calling out is warranted.
You watch the players, they seem nervous, timid, afraid to make a mistake. If they were using wood sticks, the Saddledome ice would have been covered in saw dust.

So what is the fix?
A big trade to shake things up? Trades aren't as easy as they were in the pre-cap NHL, so if the Flames wanted to move a guy like Tanguay the trading partner must have room on the cap for his salary. So do they trade a guy like Conroy, who is making average money, a great team player, but, one who has not played like he did in the cup run season.

Fire the Coach?, well many out there are calling for Iron Mike's head, I am sure that Darryl has thought of it, but he didn't panic last year and fire Playfair. Maybe Darryl will, maybe he believes he made an error in not getting rid of Playfair earlier last season.

This team that was so good, almost unbeatable at home last season. This year thay can't win anywhere. So what is the solution? My solution is, get a NHL proven back up(eg Sean Burke), to put some pressure on Kipper. If your #1 guy isn't going good, and you have no one proven to play some minutes, then you are stuck with the guy in the slump.
I personally would like to see Roman Hamrlik back, as he was a great partner for Dion Phaneuf. This team needs a centerman who can win a faceoff, especially defensive zone ones.
Well now that I have solved some of the problems, bring on Sidney and Company.
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