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Darryl got the D-back

Posted 3:22 PM ET | Comments 2
Watching the 1st round of the NHL draft unfold, expecting little of movement by the Flames, Darryl trades the 20th pick for the 23rd pick and a 3rd rounder. He steps up to the podium and selects Defenseman Tim Erixon (Over local boy Dylan Olson). Well thinking okay Darryl`s looking ahead to solve the defensive problem the Flames have had in recent years. Tuning in Saturday morning the trade was announced, Calgary sends UFA Jordon Leopold and `The` 3rd round pick to Florida for Jay Bouwmeester. WOW!! What a bold move by Darryl, so next thing you know the draft wraps up, and Darryl and Flames Prez Ken King are headed north to Edmonton to talk with Jay and his agent. At some point on the way Jerome Iginla and Robyn Regher have contacted J-Bo to see if he has any questions about the team, the city.....etc. Move forward to Tuesday June 30th, I get the text from TSN I have been waiting for all day, The Calgary Flames announce that they have signed Jay Bouwmeester!!!!

Now that Darryl has his top 4 d-men signed for the next 3 years, they can take the steps required to become on of the best defenive teams in the league. He has also addressed another problem that the Flames have had for the past few seasons...The PP. J-Bo and Dion will quarterback what was one of the most frustrating PP in the league the past few seasons.
The future of the D in Calgary looks bright, Giordano, Pardy, Pelech, Negrin, Aulie and Erixon.
July 4, 2009 3:30 PM ET | Delete
We turned Leopold into Tanguay...who was turned into Cammalleri. We then get Leopold back - and turn him into Bouwmeester. We should get Leopold back next year and turn him into Ovechkin or something!
July 5, 2009 11:48 PM ET | Delete
Scratch out Gio, and replace him with TJ Brodie. Gonna be a fun few years!
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