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October Flames

Posted 12:23 PM ET | Comments 1
Well the wigs have been put away, the pumpkin in ready to go to the landfill. Yes Halloween and October are over, the NHL season is 12 games old and the Flames are 7-4-1. I was optimistic that a 5-5-2 start would have been ok considering a new coach and a new system, the 4 regulation losses except for the Dallas game (5-2) were close games that the Flames deserved a better result. The Flames have displayed an uncanny knack for scoring alot of goals early and giving up alot of goals late. The 5 goal blown lead, that lead to an OT loss, to the Blackhawks is the prime example. They have lost 4 games in regulation except for the Dallas game they had a lead in these games, this is my biggest concern right now.
The Pluses
PP- has been effective..Yes..effective
Bourque- Leading scorer, and one of the hardest workers
Dawes-A big suprise for me, the diminutive winger can score and works well with lanks and bork
Glencross-Everytime he scores a big goal or a big time play, I want to call Kevin Lowe and thank him for being a terrible GM and let Curtis join the Flames
The D men-Jay Bo, Dion, reggie and gang have been very good, I like the play of the /6 d man wether it is Pardy, Kromwall or Johnson
The Minuses
PK- It was a strength last year, and just average so far this year
Olli-If there has ever been a guy who looks lost on an island at times, it is Olli. I have faith that once he gets accustomed to the system, he will be alot better
Iggy- Not alot of minuses about Iggy except, leave the fighting to the other guys, just score goals please
Back to Back- This is a team that is not successful in the 2nd game of back to backs, well they are 0-2, with I believe another 11 back to backs to play

Go Flames Go
November 2, 2009 10:40 AM ET | Delete
The game against the Wings was Jarome's worst as a Flame. These turnovers have to stop. I thought it was impossible for Iggy not to make Team Canada, but after that game anything is possible.
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