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Well the 3 game road trip through eastern Canada (Sorry Buffalo, but alot of your fans live in Hamilton) and with a 2-0-1 record you would think things in Sutterville would be all rosy. BUT they aren't. The numbers in the 3 games look like this;
Montreal 1-0 win, pp 1-3, pk 3-3, Shots for 31 against 25
Buffalo 2-1 SO loss, pp 0-4, pk 3-4, Shots for 26 against 33
Toronto 5-2 win, pp 1-2, 3-5, Shots for 22 against 40 YES 40

Summary 2-0-1 PP 2-9, PK 9-12 Shots for 79 AGAINST 98

I know Brent was not happy after last nights win versus the Leafs and they left the ACC quickly before the OPP arrived to investigate the 2 point robbery.
As happy that I am the team was successful on the road, I am also concerned that we are reverting back to the old ways of Iggy scores, Kipper saves, How did we do?. I was ery happy at the start of the season, as we all 4 lines going and scoring from everyone.
The team returns home to face Colorado on Tuesday and Chicago on Thursday before hitting the road again. I am pretty sure Brent will have the guys working hard Monday, which will be an up tempo practise. The good thing about winning a few games you shouldn't is that you won those games.
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How can someone from Alberta comment on how many Sabres fans drive from Hamilton over to Buffalo for home games at HSBC? That is simply ludicrous.
November 16, 2009 12:10 PM ET | Delete
I little over done here. The Sabres game was a great defensive game the Montreal game was good too in our favour and our goalie and captain stole a game from the leafs. I wouldn't over analyze this too much. I'm sure sutter is just upset with the TO game and clearly he had a feeling or he would have started mac
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