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First and foremost, this is my first blog and I will hopefully get the hang of this very shortly. I am a sophomore student at Connecticut College and I am a tremendous New York Islanders Fan. Although I attend college in Connecticut, I still have season tickets for the past 5 years (obviously excluding the lockout season), and I attend an average of 36 games at the Nassau Coliseum each year. To sum it up, Hockey is Life to me and there is nothing more I enjoy playing, talking about, or watching live or on TV then hockey.
Now that I have introduced myself, I'd like to talk about a few things that have come up in recent conversations with many other hockey-crazed friends of mine:

-The Ted Nolan / Garth Snow Relationship: As we all know, many organizations along with their fans and their analysts would love to consider the New York Islanders front office the laughingstock of the NHL. And although it is awkward to say that our general manager retired as a goaltender to claim the position of GM, I will back up Charles Wang's decision to hire Garth Snow any day of the week. Secondly, a very gusty move once again was the idea of bringing in Ted Nolan, a coach who had not been around the NHL for nearly a decade. Now we are here, nearly a year and a half following the drama that was the Summer of 2006, and its time to think about what we have. I bet that there aren't many people who would have thought that it was possible to replace Blake, Smyth, Yashin, Poti, Kozlov, Hill, and Asham with players such as Comrie, Guerin, Fedotenko, Sutton, Berard, and Vasicek. If you still believe it is impossible, please tune into a New York Islander's game. Besides one lapse in Toronto, you will see nothing but hard work, gritty play in the corners and anywhere necessary, and the most important thing of all, the heart and the desire to win in each game. Last year, it felt at many times, that the Islander's were simply going through the motions and faltering under a captain who didn't know what to say or when to say it. This year, under the leadership of Bill Guerin (have the Islander's found the right fit for Captain finally?), the Isles no longer go through the motions, but more importantly, are beginning to set the motion and play there own style of play. Constant physical presence and hitting, better work ethic, constant movement, these are all significant changes to the Islanders team. I know some might disagree with me, but is their anything more dangerous then a team of talented players who still have something to prove? It there anything more dangerous then a team fueled by the desire to win at all costs and show they are worth the contracts they recieved? All I know is that I feel that whether it be this year, next year, or a few years down the road, that words such as credibility and respect will be used when the New York Islanders are mentioned. This credibility and respect can be in great part to two men who have developed their own chemistry: Garth Snow and Ted Nolan (Snolan)!

-Game Reviews: Unfortunately for me, I just began writing this blog so I will be posting a post-game review after each and every game in order to analyze how I felt the Isles played, and then I'll leave it open for comments or questions on my opinions. Anything to stir up some more conversation about the NYI!
- Now that the Introduction is over and I've thrown some ideas around, please feel free to leave any questions or comments because they are greatly appreciated. In my next blog which is immediately following this one, I am just going to throw around some predictions for point-totals for certain players that are definitely attainable this year. I also have a trade proposal that I'd like to get some opinions on!

Till the next blog, Let's Go Islanders!
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Hey man welcome aboard, Great to have you and people who actually like to write about the Isles. Im a huge Isles fan also and as you know we've been through the good and bad. I think the Snolan combo is great and people can keep on laughing because they are proving people wrong. The Isles have had a great start(other than the Toronto game) and just got to play their game each and every night. Im happy with the acquistions. One thing I think if Comrie has a great year, I hope Snow signs him to a 4 year deal at 4-5M. What do u think? I also hope they can attract some star players in the year to come, but Nassau County has to actually let Wang start to build the area where the Coliseum is. Thanks for all hope for some reading soon Let's Go Islanders!!!!
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Nice job, welcome, looking forward to your opinions and ideas. You are correct, for the first time in years the Isles have a "style" of play. If they continue to execute that style they will win a fair share of their games. The season looks promising. I'm looking forward to the games again.
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Hey bud welcome aboard...I am an islander fan in connecticut as well...between bridgeport and the isles i get to about 20 games a year.. glad to have you on the buzz
October 24, 2007 1:06 PM ET | Delete
Comrie is definitely a pivotal player in our line-up. As you can see, when he plays well, we have a more rounded attack such as the game vs the Devils where I felt he was all over doing everything. However, in games such as Toronto where he does nothing, the team seems to fall apart. Comrie is a great player, who like most of the Islanders roster, is underrated. If he produces, he might be looking for a contract much like Jason Blake's 5 years at $20 million if not a little more.
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