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-As I stated in my last blog, I have some basic predictions for the output we can expect for some of our players this year. I obviously am making these predictions based on what I have seen thus far, and please feel free to leave your own predictions or comment on mine:


Comrie: 36 Goals, 35 Assists
Guerin: 27 Goals, 40 Assists
Fedotenko: 23 Goals, 31 Assists
Vasicek: 18 Goals, 25 Assists
Satan: 30 Goals, 30 Assists
Bergenheim: 13 Goals, 20 Asists
Sillinger: 17 Goals, 20 Assists
Hunter: 20 Goals, 20 Assists
Hilbert: 8 Goals, 8 Assists
Park: 10 Goals, 15 Assists
Simon: 10 Goals, 10 Assists


Witt: 1 Goal, 10 Assists
Martinek: 2 Goals, 12 Assists
Campoli: 13 Goals, 25 Assists (Breakout Year)
Berard: 10 Goals, 30 Assists
Gervais: 3 Goals, 10 Assists
Sutton: 5 Goals, 15 Assists
Bergeron: 13 Goals, 30 Assists

Prediction= 259 Goals For this season (Increase of 11 from last year)

-Trade Talk: Now that I have made my predictions, onto my next task of business, and that is a trade proposal first to the readers and fans, and then secondly to Atlanta. What is your opinion on:

To Atlanta: Marc-Andre Bergeron, Shawn Bates, and a 2nd Round Pick 2008
To New York Islanders: Marian Hossa

I feel that Atlanta, who has no chance of coming out of that slump due to lack of offensive output, lack of penalty kill and power play, and a need for defensemen could definitely make good with this trade. Bates would provide them a useful third-line center who is a penalty kill specialist and can still manage to put some points up on the board. Marc-Andre Bergeron can give them an NHL Caliber defensemen to compliment Alexei Zhitnik on the Power Play and could definitely put up about 45 points for them throughout the season and could help increase there power play status.
As for the New York Islanders, having another playmaker would look great. Marian Hossa, who is a proven 100 point scorer, would look great in an Islanders uniform. He would add a whole new dimension to the Islanders offense and would make us roll with three lines that could be a threat in the offensive zone. With the addition of Hossa and the subtraction of Bergeron and Bates, the lines could look something like this:

Fedotenko - Comrie - Guerin
Satan - Vasicek - Hossa
Bergenheim - Sillinger - Hunter
Hilbert - Park - Simon

Witt -Martinek
Campoli - Gervais
Berard - Sutton

-Vasicek's size and play in the corners would complement Hossa's playmaking skills, which would then in turn make Satan lethal as he has a scoring touch unlike many other players in the NHL. Our second line would immediately become one of the top in the league. The movement of Bergenheim to the shutdown line with Sillinger and Hunter would bring a whole new dimension to that line. Bergenheim is a hard-worker and would be able to dig into those corners along with Sillinger or Hunter and cycle the puck. I feel that the defensive aspect of that line with the addition of Bergenheim would be just as strong, but the offensive output would increase. Our fourth line of Hilbert - Park - and Simon could then be in turn used as another shutdown line that can still net a few sparing goals here and there. We know that Park and Hilbert are both excellent on the penalty kill together and this line could still be utilized in terms of shutting down a team's second line or third line.

Those are some basic thoughts I have been throwing around with some of my hockey-maniac friends. Please feel free to comment or ask me any questions as they are all greatly appreciated!

Till the next blog, Lets Go Islanders!
October 24, 2007 3:01 PM ET | Delete
Not nearly enough for Hossa. Bates is the last thing we need. We have three or four 3rd line centers already. Hoss is almost certainly gone after this season, I only hope Waddell can get something in return before he walks away as UFA.
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