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With the great success of the Lighthouse Conference past us, it’s time for the speculative fun to begin. Here at New York Hockey Net, I can tell you that the minds are drying with topics to write about as the hottest days of August arrive. Here, and everywhere around the league, it is a sure-fire bet that you will start seeing speculative pieces about the thirty respective teams and their line-ups for the upcoming season.

That being said, I am here today to provide a quick view into how I feel the Islanders will look come opening night against the Pittsburgh Penguins in terms of line-up. While Garth Snow may not be done with roster moves, I will utilize the current roster at hand to provide my opinion of how I feel the Islanders will look...

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-Justin ([email protected])
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August 11, 2009 11:24 AM ET | Delete
I think your 2nd line is a better 1st line. You make Hunter sound like the next coming of Gordie Howe. He really needs to step up his game in all areas to justify being on the 1st line. His offensive numbers have fallen off the past few years, havent they? Weight will get hurt again this year. Its inevitable, he's old. KO is our best forward right now. He should be on the 1st line. If Hunter is our 1st line wing then I figure we have a legit shot at Taylor Hall next year. Well, I figure that anyway.
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