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It's becoming harder and harder to whine and complain about the Habs. The painful reality of what is has set in. I've said for many years, regardless of the organisation, leadership and success is a culture. And that culture starts at the top. Not in the locker room. Not in the history books. At the top of an active, dynamic stack of people.

It's become clear that the culture of the Canadiens' organisation is rooted in history. They do things their way because history has given them license to. That history used to be a source of inspiration. "From failing hands.." Former players with numerous Cup rings sitting rinkside providing support for their younger brethren in pursuit of their own ring sizing. However, as time marches on, those former players enter the rink with walkers on special occasions. Or sit comfortably and quietly in their homes watching in disgust. That history is falling further and further away and the new regime artificially tattoo the CH logo on their chests ignorant of what it truly means.

Whether the Cammalleri trade was good or not is irrelevant. The transaction was forced through with an arrogance and cockiness not seen in winning organisations. It was forced through with ignorance and a feeling of self right that was not earned. And certainly does not nurture a sense of respect from peers on the ice, in the front offices or in the media.

The Habs of today are flawed from the top down. And unless Geoff Molson does something swiftly and positively, this team is doomed to mediocrity for years to come.

"To you from failing hands..." is starting to take on a new meaning with this team. "Failing", doesn't have such a nice ring to it anymore.

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