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Get Lost Gomez!

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Something that seems lacking in this day and age is accountability. Maybe because it is getting harder and harder to make a buck. The average Joe does his perceived best day in and day out with the odd mistake along the way. Dinging the car beside him...oh, they won't notice. Missing the trash can...the cleaner will get that. They gave me back too much change...that big company can absorb it.

In big business, of which hockey is one, the stakes are much higher. But so are the benefits. Mr. Gomez was rewarded with a big contract based on his play in previous seasons. He was always known as a spark plug and a big time playoff performer. Excuse my fran├žaise but what the f@@k happened to him? Did he forget how to play hockey? Did he lose the drive to compete? This last point is what has got my behind cramping something fierce. And no it's not tax pain. Gomez has now officially crapped the bed for two straight seasons. And his contract is now proving to handcuff the Montreal Canadiens' organisation. At some point this guy needs to sh@t or get off the pot. I mean really. He's drowning in money while helping to embarrass a once proud organisation. Fans of this team deserve better.

I believe in "a deal is a deal" and the NHLPA fights like to demons to protect the players' rights in these big deals. But at some point accountability has to play into these deals. At over $7 million a season Gomez owes that much to the Habs. He's been a no show. If my record at work equalled his I would have been canned ages ago. I know he has a binding contract. That's where accountability should step in. If you can't do the job step aside. Taking the money because your contract says so is a lame, cheap-ass excuse for being a professional. I hope Montreal has a solution for this albatross.

Gomez, why don't you do us all a favour. Be a man. Step up. Earn your paycheque or please.....GET THE F@@K OUT OF HERE!
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