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Thought on Sundin #4566544

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I haven't gotten in on the Sundin debate, but I sure do read a lot about it. It's incredible how many theories, rumours and flip-flops we have to endure day to day. But for some reason this guy (meaning me) reads on and on.

Ok, for fun...I'll throw in my best guess...

Sundin will be a Hab.
It's been know within the organization for some time.
Grabovski was rumoured as compensation for the rights to Sundin for a reason. When the announcement didn't come by July 1 (driven by Sundin's delay) the Habs traded Grabovski to the Leafs for virtually nothing as a good faith gesture knowing Sundin would soon be a Hab.
Some personal matters on Sundin's part are delaying the official signing but it will happen soon.

If he signs somewhere else then this all was a bunch of B.S. However, if he signs with the Habs it just might make you think.....

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