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As the 4th month of the Sundin saga approaches there is still no end in sight. Sundin has displayed an unprecedented inabilty to make a decision if you factor the number of teams that have publicly expressed interest in his services.

He was quoted recently stating "I just can't give you a timeline right now as I still haven't made a decision whether I'm going to play or not". This has been the typical answer we've been getting from Sundin.

In fact, this is the typical answer Sundin has been giving to everyone all summer. I have a source in Sweden who saw Mats at a BBQ. There was one hot dog and one hamburger left and three people who wanted more food, including Mats. They asked him if he wanted anymore food before they helped themselves. Sundin was quoted as saying "I have no timeline for my decision. I haven't completely decided whether or not I am hungry. I'll have to wait and see if I get really hungry before I make a decision". And they all just wait for the domino to fall. If Sundin decides to eat and takes one of the two remaining items, there would be a mad scramble for the last piece of food. However, the two other people waiting for food don't like hotdogs. What if Mats chooses the hamburger? Then the last two could have got a head start to the nearest McDonalds, but instead they wait. What if he decides he is really hungry and takes both the hotdog and hamburger. It really is a frustrating mess. Yet they all wait. The rest of the people at the BBQ are saying they are bored with this whole situation, yet, they stay at the BBQ throwing all sorts of comments into the mix. Sundin has even left the BBQ saying he will come back and let them know his decision by October 1st, maybe.

This pattern has been happening all over. There is a poker game in progress and they have asked Sundin if he is going to Call or Fold. My source tells me he was quoted as saying "I have no timline for a decision. I can't plan my next move until I have made a decision". My source tells me this poker game has been waiting 3 weeks so far for his decision. The rest of the players haven't even left the table waiting for Mats to decide.

There is a gas station attendant waiting to find out if he wants a car wash with his fill up. There is a cashier at a Supermarket waiting to find out if he wants to swipe his Air miles card. There is a girl in a bar waiting to find out if he wants to dance. His mother is waiting to find out if he's coming over to visit. It is simply a massive game of dominoes.

When the first one finally falls it's going to be a spectacular example of decision making. And this blogger hopes to still be alive to see it happen.
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