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Day Three -- What now?

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Canucks vs. Dallas -- I was there in Game 1. Dallas pressed hard, Luongo saved the day, but the Canucks did take some bad penalties and looked out of sorts at times. Game 1 jitters? Considering we've played 2 games already now, no more jitters left. The latter OT periods definitely favoured the Canucks. I don't think Dallas can play any better. The Canucks sure can. Fans will keep chanting Turco, Turco, and the Canucks should take it with a lesser score of 3-1.

Predators vs. Sharks -- You have to think Nashville's going to be smarter on the penalty side now after handing SJS the lead in the 2nd period like that. I didn't watch enough of the highlights and game details to pinpoint more hows and why's but I'm thinking the home town can even it up. Tighter, medium scoring game, maybe 4-2, 4-3?

Wild vs. Ducks -- If there was a game that was headed to multi-OT, it would be this one. I picked the Wild to win this series, so I'm thinking they steal one from the pond. Close the first time, they will be hungry again.

I play my own Game 3 tomorrow in a best of 3 series as our rec hockey winter league winds down. Our game time is at 7PM, so we'll maybe catch a little 1st period action before we suit up. I think the garage will have to sit through some more traditional Stars/Canucks hockey!

Till next time!
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