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THN has some interesting trade suggestions for the hockey world to see, but at the end of the day, I think they're still long shots. The Nagy trade suggestion for a draft pick is pretty useless. We don't have much to give up right now and it really wouldn't profit us to try and make incremental improvements right now to the team by risking more draft picks.

The Sundin trade, while nice and an excellent suggestion doesn't make a whole lot of sense either. From what I can tell Fletcher really wants value out of any move. We're not going to get Sundin for cheap. Cory Schneider as much as we want to think he's the next best thing since sliced bread, I'm not sure they would really be enticed by the move. They still have Pogge in waiting right? Toskala is decent enough, Raycroft is their worry.

The Canucks internal plan right now should be to get healthy, make the playoffs and do their best to try and move forward with some tough playoff hockey riding the coat-tails of our goalie.

We do however need to make a big splash in the UFA market this year and I would argue that we can even do so in the RFA market. The $11M that is freed up by Naslund/B-Mo/Cooke plus the slightly enlarged cap space next year should provide us with some flexibility. RFA's that can help us include Pavelski, RJ Umberger and J.Carter. It is unlikely a Pavelski offer will not get matched since SJS has cap space. Carter vs. Umberger will be an interesting decision point at Flyer camp. How big a deal will it take?

Carter or Umberger can help our team. A cheap naslund can too. Lastly, if we can sign Hossa (or trade for Sundin miraculously) I that that would be a huge help. It's not clear to me if Hossa is open to coming out west. 1Pt/G in his past few seasons, I can't see him being all that bad.

Then we need to fit in a 2-3M left winger... Perhaps Fedetenko or Prospal? Naslund for cheap helps too. If our depth chart next year has Sedins + Naslund and then Umberger+Hossa+Fedentenko, that would be pretty solid. Kesler on the 3rd line bringing up the depth and skill level there.

Fit all that into $11-13M player willing? I think it's a must do. We need to become an elite contender the next two seasons after this year for a few reasons. Fans will not tolerate the continued almost success that the team is offering and we will risk losing any ability to re-sign Luongo if we cannot prove our team wants to and can win.

This means that it can potentially be a very exciting time for Canucks fans. I'm really looking forward to the season as it goes through it's last few months heading into the playoffs.

For now, all the rumours will persist and the radio show callers will continue to call in dreaming up every which tradeable or untradeable situation. Some have even called for the trading of Luongo. Like that would really help much at this point.

That's all I have to say for now.
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February 11, 2008 8:11 PM ET | Delete
A cheaper Naslund at fair value for 25-30 goals and Bmo was playing up to par until he got hurt...his contract will be reduced also. He can still pot 50 points. I say we throw some cash at Jeff Carter if he is availible. Try and lock him down long term.
February 12, 2008 3:04 AM ET | Delete
i hightlyyyyyyyy disagree with ur comments, for one, every year is the same thing lets do nothing and it will be our year next year and so on. When will it stop, our young prospects are not going to save our franchise. Its the blind truth we overrate all our prospects raymond is not our saviour, now that ryan shannon scores one nice goal hes our saviour give me a break. We have the worst scouting staff in the nhl we should just give our first round picks away every year. The time is now, we have the best goalie in the world in our hands but for how long 4 years?. We must act now and build a dynasty around luongo, we must make an impact trade now if its avaliable, and go for the cup this year and if were not successful we can add peices next year we have cap space as you said. The worst mistake any GM has done in recent years is what Dave Nonis has done to this franchise this year. We had a Division titile team last year who had a shot at the cup and came short. Why would we not build on that by adding an impact player by trading some of our prospects if it meant that we could come a step closer to the cup, because ultimately thats the goal every year, to win the Stanely cup!
February 12, 2008 1:22 PM ET | Delete
Mojo bro. being a nucks fan in Flames corporate country I try to stay tuned to the team everyday. I agree and disagree with you and nazzy. The scouting staff can't be the worst in the league. I think the canucks have not allowed their prospects to come in and gain valuable experience. The nucks haven't adopted the philosophy of bringing in the prospects and sticking with them. It is always an up/down between the Moose proposition. mojo hossa would be a good fit for a second line but in a defence based system does he really make sense? I know the nucks need scoring but would Hossa buy the Vignault defense first strategy. Nonis stood pat from last year with the expection of Sopel and Smolinski. The defence is strong when healthy and the forwards are ok. Need a finisher to go with the Sedins.
February 12, 2008 5:33 PM ET | Delete
My other underlying argument is that we cannot be a defense only team. Even look at the Ducks, they need 2 lines as well. This is why Hossa is important, brings balance, increases PP capability. I contend that Vigneault must play the defensive style only because that is the talent he has on the team. Essentially there's Naslund Sedins and then variations on Cooke/Burrows exist on the rest of the team. Low on talent, seemingly high on energy. You cannot have 9 guys outta 12 on your line-up be like that. Without people to play with, even Morrison is in that classification.Our prospects suck because we cannot scout, and because we're in a reasonably high pressure market, we cannot afford to have mediocre players developed internally, hence your comment.Sedins will be fine once the rest of the world doesn't need to focus on them. We're a one trick pony... and people have figured out the Canucks. It's quicksand from here if we don't get our D-men back (to help with defense, PP and hitting).Lose half of those OT games we won last year and we're out! It sucks. Can't wait until Sakic and Smyth show up in Avs country... then we'll be in trouble!If we cannot put together a winning package in the next season or two, we will lose both Luongo and Fan base loyalty... That's the risk.And unfortunately for us, I cannot see us doing much this trade deadline to change things. That means the offseason UFA market will be VITAL!!!
February 12, 2008 6:24 PM ET | Delete
I have to agree with Mitchellis#1. I disagree in several places with nazzy10. This is NOT the year for Vancouver. This whole "we need to win the Cup in the next (2 or 3) years, because we have Luongo" is ridiculous. I would rather have a healthy Canuck team long term, built the way the Red Wings build their teams, through smart drafting and player devlopment, rather than a "we must act now!" attitude. I beleive Brian Burke took that attitude with the WC Express, and did everything he could to build a short term winner. It didn't happen, and the "cupboards" of our farm system were left bare upon his departure. Don't hang this season on Nonis. He's done the best he can to put competitive product on the ice and injuries have killed our opportunity to look like a better version of last season's squad. Now is not the Canucks year to run for the Cup. It is however, a good year to look at guys in terms of development (e.g. Edler, Bourdon, even McIver) and build for next season.
February 12, 2008 7:35 PM ET | Delete
sean2006, i would disagree i with your assessment on "we need to win the cup in the next 2 or 3 seasons". I think we have to become contenders otherwise it will take us another 4-5 years before we can join the league's elite again if you're talking about a ground up movement. vancouver can do better than that.we don't need more defensemen pilot projects, we've got the defensive core, the UFA market is where we can make a legitimate shot at being in contention next year... developing more defensemen is not the path for us right now...yes, we need to improve our prospects and farm system, but that needs to be done independently anyways, irrespective of how well we finish or otherwise...
February 13, 2008 6:03 PM ET | Delete
We desperately need a top line center and soon or you can kiss Luongo goodbye, our time is now. Get Jokinen out of Florida and while your at it get Prospal/JP Dumount/Ryder for the wing!!!
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