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Like WTF is wrong with your team. Really, seriously, what is wrong with the line up. Are the four lines just expecting each other to finish things off and score the goals and we're left in limbo land?

I've been posting this as a OTT special teams game vs. Buffalo's 5on5 game. And the special teams are winning:

OTT PP%+PK% = 22.7+86 = 108.7% points
BUF is 15.3%+79.6% = 94.9% points

That's a huge difference and upside to Ottawa. Case in point how they started the game off today. These stats were there going into the serious. I'm disappointed.

You can say what you want about how buffalo won game 6 against the rangers, but at the end of the day, in my view, they barely beat their last two opponents. Yes, they won of course and they are here in the ECF's, but wow, OTT is hot, with confidence and played some tough teams to get here.

It's time to get with the program and take some names Sabres players. You are better than this!
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you're absolutely right and it's lindy's job, the players' jobs, and the sabres organization's job to right their ship before saturday night. all my blog was saying is that sabres FANS dont need to kill themselves yet. a lot of people are really down about this and i'm saying that's not the attitude us fans need to have. go sabes..
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