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Van-Dal: 2-1 Van leads. Good under bet opportunities here for handicappers after game 1. Still say Vancouver will just get it done and win out from here.

Ana-Min: 3-0 Ducks. Wow, really didn't see this coming and I'm not sure why I don't respect the Ducks team play more. In any case, now it's just a matter of if the Wild can make themselves look respectable. Off-season, Wild need to secure some PP quarterbacking Defense. Their youth is ok, but they need some leadership there.

Nas-SJS: 1-2 Sharks lead. Good under opportunity yesterday as the stats caught up and pointed in favour of SJS@Home Nas@Away. This is a toss-up still in my mind.

Det-Cgy: 2-0 RW lead. Detroit's series to lose given their Home record and Calgary's dismal road record plus recent road performances.

Ott-Pit: 2-1 Sens lead. Sens are on a mission. Key on Heatley and Spezza and Alffy will hurt you. He wants it bad this year and he's got the supporting cast to do it.

Buff-NYI: 2-1 Sabres. Sorry RDP, your team is just not at the same level. Even when the Sabres are not their best, they can beat you. I still say one of the upcoming games is a blow-out with the Sabres crew lighting up the red lights 5+ times.

Atl-Nyr: 0-2 Rangers. Wow, didn't expect this at all. Figuring the strong presence of NYR's recent run into the playoffs I did expect this to be a toss-up like the Nas/SJS series, but so far, the only thing tossed up (or toss around) is the Thrasher offense. Where is it?

NJD-Tam: I picked TAM to win this one and they are doing what they need to do so far. To think that Holmqvist could have led them to a 3-0 series lead right now it has got to be a huge confidence booster for the Lightning bolts.

So out of the West and East, I have to change my bias from VCR/MIN vs. OTT/BUF to VCR/SJS? vs. OTT/BUF. The tentative match-ups out west in the next round look really intriguing.

ATL/NYR Under 5.5 -130 according to the stats again. NYR 14-24, ATL 13-25 on their Home/Away over-under records.

I'm always afraid of the Sens exploding, but the home record for the Penguins is heavy on the under side. Under 6.5 seems roomy, even if the sens win 5-1. 6.5u is -120

ANA/MIN everything is pointing towards another tight under contest. Under 5, -145. Might pass on this one tho'

Van/Dal same thing, under 5, -135. Vancouver's road record 15-25 to the under. Two great goaltenders. Great PK's too.

Det/Cgy under 5 is at +100 right now. Stat's don't say much. The game could explode into a goal fest if you ask me.

An interesting 4 under parlay would be a good bet tonight. Otherwise, my top 2 picks would be the ATL+VAN unders.
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