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Jeff Joel and Stu

Posted 11:06 AM ET | Comments 0
Dallas should probably be up 2-0 on Vancouver going back home if not for a flukey bounce in the 3rd period of game one that gave Vancouver a gift wrapped goal. Going into game 2 though the team was down and in virtually a must win. In a virtual must win who should Tippett expect to step up: Modano, Lehtinen, Nagy, Zubov, Ribiero, Lindros, Turco? Out of that group Turco was by far the best, but even he wasn't the key in game 2. That bad ass, in your face, ferocious fore-checking line of Lundvist, Halpern, and Barnes won the game for the Stars with goals in the opening minutes of both the 2nd and 3rd periods. Since the first day they were put together they have played the exact same style, and they have elevated their game to that of one of the elite checking lines in the game. In the playoffs if you have a line that can shut down the oppositions top line the way they did last night, and throw in a good save here and there to mop up any mess like Turco did, you're going to win a lot of playoff hockey games. They should have been stars 2-3-4 last night behind Turco who should have gotten #1.

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