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Tip and Army

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It may be the first reaction of any sports team that is looking for a championship to axe all of the leadership of a consistently underachieving team, and everyone knows that isn't fair. The problem for Dallas is that the front office is the problem, not the coaching staff. With all of the injuries the team sustained this year its a miracle that the team stayed competitive for as long as it did. Dave Tippett deserves full marks for the job he did keeping them together.

Why can't the team score? It's a simple question, but it has a complicated answer. It can be argued that when they get a lead and go into a shell it cuts down on a significant amount of scoring chances which would be Tippetts fault, but how much coaching should Tippett have to do to get a single goal out of any of his top goal scorers? Shouldn't the top scorers sniff the net at least once in 4 games? It's the coaches job to make do with the talent he has, and Tippett has done that. Its the GM's job to get the coach the best talent possible and Dallas lacks a significant amount of firepower. Not only that, but the team routinely wastes 1st rounders on defenders, goes after checking forwards in free agency (and they did need a couple after last year), and has dealt away significant picks to get virtually useless players like Ladislav Nagy. Armstrong is the man who should pay with his job, not Dave Tippett. It will be a very sad day in this household if Tippett gets axed because of this.
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