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Yuck. I'll bet Dave Tippett wasn't too pleased with that. Apparently NOFX wasn't either since they went to the game in lieu of rehearsing. I apparently picked wisely by going to that show instead of the Stars game. Lackluster efforts like this really need to get ironed out before April.

D Pairings

Player(s) of the game: The Nashville Penalty Kill. This answer might seem like a cop out, and it probably is. No one deserved to be the player of the game because no one was particularly good. The Predators PK deserves some props for holding Dallas to 0/7 and 0/26 on the season. That could be a major storyline come April if these two meet in the first round.

Recap: Dallas went on their first of 7 powerplays 2 minutes into the game. The powerplay really struggled to enter the zone early on. I would've liked to see someone like Steve Ott thrown out there to see if he could establish a forecheck on the powerplay. The games was characterized by sloppiness. Dallas was particularly slow making plays with the puck in their own end, and seemed to not be firing on any of the cylinders that propelled them to torch Chicago. Marty Turco also looked like he wasnt all there. On two of the Predators goals he simply wasn't set or in position. It was a sloppy sloppy game.
The 2nd period was marked with more penalties and more lackluster play. The Stars powerplay actually got some chances though when they went on a 5on3 for a minute, but when you're on a 5 on 3 you need to be taking shots. The Stars seemed reluctant to shoot.
The game finally got interesting in the 3rd period. :48 seconds in David Legwand ripped a goal past the unsettled Turco. 1:43 into the 1st Morrow knocked the piss out of Dan Ellis. This caused Ryan Suter to pick a fight with Morrow that Morrow seemed to not have much interest in. This brought two questions up. The first is what was Morrow thinking? He isn't a dirty player so why did he smash Ellis? The 2nd was brought up by Daryl Reaugh, and it comes up a lot of the times in situations like this: where was the instigator? Ryan Suter was clearly the one wanting the fight, so why didn't he get an instigator?
The 7:40 mark through 8:40 was your hockey game. At 7:53 Loui Eriksson coughed up a puck near the sideboards, and Jordin Tootoo took a weak wrister that sailed right past the once again unsettled Turco. Just 30 seconds later Mike Ribeiro danced into the slot, burned Greg de Vries, and ripped a shot under Dan Ellis' arm. Another 20 seconds passed and Marek Zidlicky sent a great outlet pass up to Jason Arnott who found JP Dumont on the 2 on 1 to really kick Dallas in the throat. Dallas had a small flurry with 2 minutes left, but that was the only segment of the game where they really enforced their will a whole lot. This was only their 2nd game with Brad Richards, but getting used to where he will be isn't an excuse for that effort. Dallas really needs to come out firing on Wednesday vs Phoenix.
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Not that I'm a Stars fan, but I'd like to personally thank you for giving Stars fans something to read. You guys deserve a blogger and I have no idea why you dont...
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Since I accidently hit post...I don't know why we don't have one. It probably has a lot to do with some years of apathy/boring hockey, but I hope thats starting to change.
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You guys should have a blogger....Watched the game and our D did save us. Turco let some soft stuff go as well.I like you was shocked to see Morrow hit Ellis- totally not like him.The reason there was no instigator was because it was in defense of Ellis...if it would have been from a hit on anyone else on the ice the penalty would have been called. I saw a similar situation a few weeks back the other way and it was not called then either. I think it also was because it was Suter...someone who never ever gets into it.....possibly a call if it would have been Hordi or Toots but then we would have had a real fight.I dont think I would worry to much if I were a Dallas fan right now- you guys are playing pretty frickin good- best in the NHL since break if I am not mistaken.Hopefully see you in the playoffs- always makes for a fun game to watch.
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even if suter had gotten an instigator it would have been well worth it.ellis and several of his teammates acknowledged that he took up for his teammate ,so it meant a lot to them.this game changed when dallas did not convert on the 5 on 3 near the end of the second period.preds had all the momentum going into the third period.gritty game on the part of the preds who needed the 2 points worse than dallas.
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I mean I understand specifying between defending a goalie and defending someone else, but the rules don't say that. You barely see instigators called period. Outside of diving, instigating seems like the most common penalty that isnt called.
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I hope Richards works out for you. He definately played the best game he has played since we won the Stanley Cup for you. He didn't play with the best linemates here, but he also did not appear to be very motivated the last 2 years. Hope he gets back his energy and enthusiasm and continues to play at the high level he started playing in his first game.
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True on the instigator- should probably be called more. What I have yet to figure out is how if one player is tripped how the other is called for diving???? Usually happens when McGough is reffing the game. Hopefully see you all in the playoffs- we have to take care of some business before it will happen though.
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I also love how someone can get touched with a stick and fall down like they were shot at close range with a Desert Eagle yet theres no penalty for diving or obstruction of any kind. It seems like it should go one way or the other, not neither.
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TExhorns, you should have watched the Lightning/Carolina game on Saturday. I never saw such dives. One player actually did a complete 360 degree turn when he was touched. But not one diving call was called. But the other penalties were.
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