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Team USA vs Team Canada

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who do you think will come out on top in today's game?I feel that USA will come away with a victory,Or at least im hoping they win. They are a team with a lot of hard workers and heart and soul players.They are the underdogs here which might make them work a little harder especially since it team Canada were playing here.If they do win, it definatley won't be an easy one. Since Canada is filled with high class snipers and dominate scorers ,but USA has a couple of those there self. But USA comes with a gritty package like B.Ryan,Callahan, Backes, Orpik, etc. those are players that will hit you whenever they can get a chance so Canada better be ready to throw some hits back or watch there back. It should be a real good game to watch i hope for no blow out in either direction.
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