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Sweden vs Slovakia

Good win by Slovakia over Norway they should have played better. But it was a good game to watch as the final game of the night.I think that Slovakia is to win this they are going to have to work hard throughout the whole game take alot of shots on net. Because Tonight they aren't just playing any Goalie, they are playing Lundqvist who has yet to let a goal in. After Halak performance tonight he better be ready to step up his play. Because Sweden has a bunch of solid shooters who will get the puck to the net. Not to say Slovakia doesn't they have Gaborik, Hossa, and more. overall i like this match up i think it really will come down to which Goalie out works the other Goalie. Im going to pick Sweden they are defending a title and Lundqvist is solid between the pipes.

Czech vs Finland

How about that Czech game vs Latvia they were about a foot away from not being in the quarterfinals. But Krecji saved a slow Czech team from getting eliminated by a fighting Latvia team.Anyways today they face Finland which should be interesting because they are a pretty good offensive team, Same with Czech who are going to have to play alot harder then they did tonight if they want to win this game. Especially since Jagr left early in the 2nd period vs Latvia. So they could be missing one of there top players. To win they win have to hit and keep shoting and stay consistant in there work ethic.Finland is a good team they will catch you on your mistake and Capitalize.My pick for this game depends on Jagr if here Czech if not Finland.

Russia vs Canada

Lets just say that game between Canada and Germany didn't even happen it was kind of embrassing.After that win vs Germany they will be playing the high flying Team Russia in a quarter finals game tomorrow.Yupp, Russia and Canada another classic match up.It should be one of the best games to watch in this Olympics. I don't expect any blowout either way,but im kind of feeling like Canada could be the underdog here which is not usually the case.Even though they are coming off a dominating win over Germany, they still have to face Russia.Russia who seems like one dominate team to beat in the olympics lets just say they are beatable (Gaborik Knows) (but Jagr doesn't).They are very fast team with A LOT of offensive power and a good goalie to back them up (sounds like Team Canada). But overall, if they want to win they have to shut down the first line with Ovie,Malkin,Datsyuk they are in my opinion the most dangerous players in the league when the puck is on there stick. Oveckin can be even more dangerous when the puck isn't on his stick we all seen what happened to Jagr.Overall i believe Russia is to dominate and will take the win over Canada.But should be a good close game.

USA vs Switzerland

First, off let me say what a game between Switzerland and Belarus.I didn't know who was going to be on the menu for USA tomorrow. The Switz beat Belarus in a Shootout making the final score 3-2. Tomorrow is going to be a good one, i have to say USA will not be the underdog here. They are lading the tournament in points, but not to say its going to be a easy game to play. If USA is to win they will have to stay consistent on not giving up turnovers,which is a haunting problem they have been having. They will have to finish the checks and get the pucks to the net like they have been doing thus far.I believe that USA will advance in the series beating Switz.

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