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How we feel as Fans also Rangers FAQ

As we all know the Rangers aren't looking so hot. Sadly enough i want to say were probably won't make the playoffs this year(Lets Hope Im Wrong on this one).But with the rangers coming down to the final stretch of games. And most of them being away games ,which doesn't help us.We have less games then the Bruins ,an we have less points.That last game vs Bruins was kind of the Focal point to my reason behind not making the playoffs. That was a huge game for both teams, unfortunately the Bruins came out on top this time. So what i have to say next, is WHATS NEXT? Will we see Slats gone?, will we see Mark Messiah Messier as GM?, Will Torts still be around to see another season as head coach?,and Who will the Rangers be looking at as far as Players to re-sign or Pick up over the summer. What will happen with players like Poor performing Wade Redden or Rozi? These are all the question i have been asked an question i also want the answers to. Will have another Blog when i find out some more News. Good Luck Rangers in 3D hah maybe you will be better then 2D. LETS GO RANGERS!!!!
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