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Semi finals analysis

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Semi Finals analysis

USA vs Finland

This will be a great game to watch of course(because USA is playing). No but seriously i believe USA might not be a powerhouse in this game. They are playing a real good offensive team with a lot of high skilled shooters and playmakers. But like the USA have been doing, to win they will just have to fight hard for the puck and stay physical throughout the whole game. They will have to dump the puck in on this team and run them into the boards on the back check, let them know your coming to hit. I think USA offense lacked a bit in the Switz game, but they will have to go back to the basics good passing, lots of shots,quality shots, and knowing who is open. I will pick Team USA to win this game because of there speed and strength.

Canada vs Slovakia

Also, this will be a fun game to watch (for Canada's fans). After watching that game vs Russia i don't see to much hope for the Slovaks. Not saying they aren't skilled offensively, but they aren't the strongest team and they are weak in terms of Goalie. I can see Canada being ready to play as hard as they did vs Russia against Slovakia. Especially since they really have the crowd backing them. There is a lot of Canada team spirit flying around Vancouver right now. I could be 100% wrong on this, But i predict a blow out Canada wins.

Final Game Prediction :USA vs Canada

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