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Gold Medal Finals:USA VS CAN

This is the match up of the Century.We all were routing against Canada in the last mins of Slovakia game, But deep in our heart we all wanted to see this match up. I believe this going to be a great game, No blowout . There are Great goalies that will be playing(Miller,Loungo).There is going to be alot of Defense i feel more than the first game, No one wants to slip up first. But i feel if USA is going to win this game they will have to Stay consistent on the shots, checks, and turnovers. Turnovers in the nuetral zone will be a key factor in this game for both teams.Also i can see Penalties being a deciding factor in this game. They are going to have to be a very disciplined team, which they have been throughout this tournament. Since ive made pick everygame why not make one now. I'm going to pick USA to win a close game coming down to last minute goal by Canada to try and tie things up. (Besides i can't pick Canada anyways)


Thanks for Reading, NYRSourceCentrl
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