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A Short AND Sweet Goodbye to HB

Posted May 28, 2009
This will be short and sweet. I've decided, upon the contemplation of my HB sabbatical and working on my own Isles site, www.IslandersIndependent.com, that for now...that is exactly where I want to be. I thank Eklund and the many excellent bloggers here for their friendship and support. Everyone was swell, and it was a pleasure being here for almost two years. I am only a blogosphere away... Read More »
When Mike Sillinger made his return from surgery, he was tested on a Bridgeport stint. The Isles were careful, applying the use of a conditioning stint to do just that, condition a player to the rigors of the AHL as a prelude to a return to the faster, stronger NHL. Bridgeport was then used for Jeff Tambellini to just to gain confidence, under the same idea. It is a tool for two different elements... Read More »


Posted December 12, 2008
How does one take a bad loss? And I don't mean just any loss. But, a REALLY bad one. The kind that is like a karate kick to the gut after eating a bowl of chili and half an apple pie. The kind that leaves you just plain stumped. Numb. Daffy. Pissed. Furious. All of the above. Or none of the above, and just a bad case of gas. There is no two ways about it. Last night was an awful loss. When I s... Read More »

Roster Changes Coming

Posted December 11, 2008
The GM meetings just happened in Florida. Much of the groundwork for some winter trades gets laid during these meetings. [b]Garth Snow[/b] knows his team needs some adjustments and tweaks. With [b]Mike Comrie[/b] and others coming back on the horizon, he's going to need to crafty making room since he's chosen to have[b] Josh Bailey[/b] remain on Long Island. Thus, [b]Jon Sim[/b] was exposed to wai... Read More »


Posted December 8, 2008
If there were doubts, at least in fans eyes, they were erased Saturday night. Somewhere in a horrific loss to Atlanta, a beacon on light turned on upon a youth who more fits the Isles plans than the young man who went to Bridgeport for a conditioning stint. There is not a doubt in my mind that Jeff Tambellini simply does not fit the Isles needs whether he blooms or not. There is not a doubt tha... Read More »

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Islanders. Been an Isles fan since 1980

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I love hockey. I don't even hate the Rangers. Just a deep desire for their destruction...kind of like the Rebels taking out the Deathstar.

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Dynasty years, baby. Bates score on Cujo in the TO playoffs. Isles taking out the Penguins in 1993.

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The fists of Joey Kocur, the 'cojones' of Tiger Williams, and the skill of Pat Jablonski

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