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When Mike Sillinger made his return from surgery, he was tested on a Bridgeport stint. The Isles were careful, applying the use of a conditioning stint to do just that, condition a player to the rigors of the AHL as a prelude to a return to the faster, stronger NHL. Bridgeport was then used for Jeff Tambellini to just to gain confidence, under the same idea. It is a tool for two different elements for a team to get a player into game or NHL shape.

Yet Rick DiPietro has returned twice this season and been fed to the NHL, bypassing Bridgeport. Once led to further knee surgery, the other, a strained groin that has him out for at least three games, including perhaps today's matinee versus the Panthers. (Yann Danis has been emergency recalled again)

There are those who think too much has been made of this. Yet, I think it hasn't been stressed enough, because it belies two separate set of rules and treatment for players who play for the same team. A team is best treated equally, with one set of rules, no matter if the player makes 700k or 4.5 million. This way, when a beginning coach is setting up parameters and a system, nobody bypasses that setup. One set of rules, one team to get the wins. Pay and privilege is not a part of the equation, because it has little to do with the on-ice everyday.

Instead, mindbogglingly, DP at the start of this season was a backup that was evidently unable to play. All proof of that was his first start.

Now fast forward to the tough days of a long skid. The team and management are desperate, and once again that second set of rules for players comes into play. Lo and behold, DP plays and the Isles step up, as they did in the two losses before it, and get a win. They look like geniuses right? Right? Wrong. DP strains his groin because this is not how professional clubs are supposed to handle a players return. There is a reason there are conditioning stints, practices and patience by other teams in handling their players.

This second set of rules does not work, is a bad idea, and needs to stop. One set of rules, one set of how a player returns from injury, and this coddling of stars against logic and just common sense needs to stop.

Today vs Florida at 2pm

Per Botta: Trevor Smith is called up to get his opportunity. Mike Sillinger is on the IR due to a hip issue. Expect to see Jon Sim is Trent Hunter cannot go.

Let me know if anyone is interested in me doing a live blog today, if they are stuck at work. Otherwise, I'll just be doing a write-up of observations and post-game tomorrow AM.

The BD Effect: Taking Heat

When I reported that an Isles source said that internally, the Isles are talking about 2010 start date for the Lighthouse Project, some manager (who remains nameless) in the Isles organization sent my blog to the entire staff of the Lighthouse Project.

In this past year, my work has caused a ruckus internally for the Isles. This is not intentional to cause such, but just under my day-to-day to provide insight and info on my favorite hockey team. However, I have been taking some thinly veiled flack all season behind the scenes. I have kept quiet about it publicly till now.

It, like the Isles team, seems to have two sets of rules for media and if someone does not like something I wrote, they can communicate with me directly or else. I'd like to see how many other Blog Boxers work has been emailed to staff or treated the same way.

For now on, I will be talking about things publicly, including to management.


Be sure to Register and vote for me on YESISLANDER's last day for their blog awards. Today is the last day.


I will be on-hand for today's game. A happy and healthy New Year to all.

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