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Why Would They?

Posted 11:28 PM ET | Comments 2
Enough of the rumors of the Rangers trading Jaromir Jagr. Enough of the rumors that the Big Guy isn't happen without Nylander as his pivot. Enough with the rumors of JJ being disinterested and a diva on the ice.

What I want to know is why would the Rangers even think of trading someone in the cap era that only counts $4.5 mill against their cap?

What I want to know is who is the guy wearing #68 for the Rangers back checking like a demon, surely it can't be the disinterested diva from the Czech Republic?

What I want to know was who was the guy spitting out his teeth after taking a puck to the mouth and not missing a shift and dominating the play, it couldn't be a European player a diva #68, could it?
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November 9, 2007 1:38 AM ET | Delete
You mean the same guy that refused PP shifts when he was having a bad game...the same guy who dictated roster moves(explain the Pens love of Kip Miller and Josef Beranek) based on his personal preference...the guy that was "dying alive" and had to be shipped out for a handful of nothing...the guy that had mysterious "groin injuries" every time he was counted on in Pitts to lead the team in important games...the guy that threw a hissy fit last season and demanded(for personal reasons) that a much needed D-man be traded at the deadline last season while the team was fighting for a playoff position(Aaron Ward), the same guy who refused to participate in shootouts last season?Take it from a life long Pens fan...Jagr is a egocentric, locker room cancer, self involved prima donna who puts himself above the team. He pouts and gives a half assed effort when he's not happy, and with Nylander in Wash, and Straka sidelined...Jagr probably is not very happy right now. As talented as he is, I wouldn't take him back in Pitts straight up for Adam Hall.
November 9, 2007 10:10 AM ET | Delete
I don't know what happened in Pittsburgh. I don't know what happened in Washington. I do see what is happening in New York . . . Jagr still has the groin problems yet he still plays . . . As far as the much needed man on D Aaron Ward was a total disaster and the trade for Paul Mara a bigger younger faster and better shot on D was well worth it . . . getting rid of the man with the mouth Aaron Ward who couldn't back it up was a good thing . . . As far as a locker room cancer he came into a situation here in NY where the team hadn't made the playoffs in forever, where the culture of the franchise seemed to be accepting of losing . . . He put a team on his back that was supposed to finish at the bottom of the league and got them in the playoffs . . . Did he do something stupid when they were losing the 1st game there and throw a punch and rip his shoulder apart yeah he did, but unlike what you think of him he still came out and played with a shoulder that needed a 4 hour operation to put back together . . . I can only go by what he has done for my team and that has been all positive and I'll take the big guy on my team any day . . . Plus with his cap hit only being $4 million rather then the $8 his salary is the guy is a steal and could not bring back the value in a cap world that the Rangers are getting out of him.
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