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Sather sends Matt Cullen back to Carolina for what looks like spare parts. Is this simply a salary dump to get better control of the cap and leave Sather some flexibility during the season or a precursor of another move?

The players coming back are:

Andrew Hutchinson D - 27 years old and played 41 games last year for the Canes. Great a possible 7th D-man on a team that already has one if not two that already fit that bill in Pock and Strudwick. So which one of those three do we lose on the waiver wire?

Joe Barnes C - Played in the AHL and had his season shorthened by a concussion. Big player big upside that he probably will never come close to reaching.

Also get a 3rd round pick.

It's too far from the start of the season to get all worked up about a trade or losing a 3rd line center, even though I think Cullen is a good one and I would have liked to have him on the team.

I don't know what exactly the makeup of the roster will be going into training camp right now, let alone on opening night. We are currently looking at eight players on the blueline and if you count Staal that makes nine. Something has to give back there and I don't think Sather intends to lose assets on the waiver wire.

Not sure how to look on this trade until the other pieces fall into place and looking at the current logjam on D I don't think this is the final move of the off season for Sather.
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