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With Michael Ryder signing for just under $3 million, The $4 mill Kevin Lowe offered RFA Dustin Penner now looks even more ridiculous. Burke must have had a big fat mile when he saw that. Both players hit around 30 goals, with Ryder out performing in the assists department. Also, Penner is entering his second NHL year, and while he displays great potential, he hasn't proven he can be a consi... Read More »

When will Gainey Learn

Posted July 18, 2007
After a season mostly remembered for controvery, you'd think the Habs would be a little weary to take on someone elses problems. Rumours they are interested in Nikolai Zherdev however, tell us that nothing has changed. The 06-07 season started with a lot of promise. The Canadiens were near the top of the league and stronger than they had been in years... until the problems began. Free ag... Read More »
So who's the winner so far in the Free Agent summer grab? Is it Philadelphia with the leading free agent scorer Briere? The Rangers and their two-headed coup, or the Avalanche with heart and soul warrior Ryan Smyth. Well, I'm gonna go with the less flashy Thrashers and their retention of underrated (until now) center Slava Kozlov. They are one of the very few teams to retain a major UFA this yea... Read More »
The Rangers are like your family member with an addiction problem. They get better for awhile, long enough that you think they're back to normal, but soon enough, they're back to their old habits. The Rangers addictions are big name free agents. They just can't get enough of them and will pay any amount, no matter how ludicrous to get what they need. After hitting rock bottom by making Bobby H... Read More »
It started with losing the Great one for bag full of money, and hasn't stopped since. It seems nobody's taking pitstops at the former city of champions. Year after year in the pre-cap era they traded away any one who got too talented to pay and now the shades of similarity are almost too similar. With Pronger's public statement of dislike for the Edmonton area, it seems Kevin Lowe can"t lure an... Read More »


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