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When will Gainey Learn

Posted 12:33 AM ET | Comments 3
After a season mostly remembered for controvery, you'd think the Habs would be a little weary to take on someone elses problems. Rumours they are interested in Nikolai Zherdev however, tell us that nothing has changed.

The 06-07 season started with a lot of promise. The Canadiens were near the top of the league and stronger than they had been in years... until the problems began.

Free agent bust Sergei Samsonov and Alexei Kovalev were not looking good on the ice, and even worse in the press. Kovalev and Carbonneaus dispute over French and Russian player relations was topped by Samsonov's embarassing statement that he had made a "mistake" signing with Montreal.

After crashing hard and missing the playoffs, it came as some suprise to me that they are now interested in Nikolai Zherdev. Zherdev's talent is enticing, and one rough season shouldn't be enough to scare anyone away. But after the season they went through, are they really going to take that chance? Zherdev won't come cheap, and if it doesn't work out, the Canadiens will be alot farther from being a cup-contender.

The Canadiens will not improve until they learn from their mistakes and stop picking up fools gold. After all this, I wonder if they were in the hunt to sign Bertuzzi?
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I have always liked Gainey and I like the Habs as a team, but Zherdev will be another Samsonov. If Columbus doesn't want him, I am baffled why Gainey would want him.
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It's a rumor... so when you say: "Rumours they are interested in Nikolai Zherdev however, tell us that nothing has changed."... I'm don't agree with you... Maybe he's just talking with the CBJ and Zherdev is the player they are trying to give away...That dosen't mean that Gainey is interested by Zherdev...Hopefully he's trying to go after Brassard (that will not happen)
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