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So who's the winner so far in the Free Agent summer grab? Is it Philadelphia with the leading free agent scorer Briere? The Rangers and their two-headed coup, or the Avalanche with heart and soul warrior Ryan Smyth. Well, I'm gonna go with the less flashy Thrashers and their retention of underrated (until now) center Slava Kozlov. They are one of the very few teams to retain a major UFA this year and I think that's gonna do wonders for chemistry, as introducing new players, no matter how talented, is always an unpredictable, and sometimes disastrous affair. The best measuring stick for the Kozlov signing however, will be Michael Nylanders upcoming season. Both Nylander and Kozlov had career years playing with super snipers Jagr and Kovalchuk respectively. With Nylander taking the raise in Washington many theories can be tested about wether these two guys over achieved in the right situation, or if they just finally came into their own. Although playing with Ovechkin has to be almost guranteed assists, you have to think that by avoiding the free agent hype and standing pat with their guy, will be the sure-fire bet....unless a 4 game sweep at the hands of the pre-gomez/drury Rangers scares anyone.
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Thrashers ???????
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I think Colorado realli improved themselves the most. Ryan Smyth is the obvious pick up, but grabbing Scott Hannan can't be underestimated. This is a team that only missed the playoffs by 1 point last season. Expect them to challenge for the Northwest and finish no lower than 5th in the west.
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how about the kings? i know everyone is talkinig about their lack of a goalie but Jason Labarbera is very good and will do the job in my opinion
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