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It started with losing the Great one for bag full of money, and hasn't stopped since. It seems nobody's taking pitstops at the former city of champions. Year after year in the pre-cap era they traded away any one who got too talented to pay and now the shades of similarity are almost too similar. With Pronger's public statement of dislike for the Edmonton area, it seems Kevin Lowe can"t lure anyone to the cold confines of Edmontonia. Lowe was rumoured to be going very hard into the free agency pool and now after all the biggest names didn't give him a sniff, potential super-bust Michael Nylander was the closest to signing and even he bolted for the lowly Caps, although playing with Ovechkin could be the smartest thing Nylander coulda done as well....as long as he values points over winning. You have to give Lowe credit though, he wouldn't hamstring his team in overpaying Smyth and shocked the NHL with the big trade of its heart and soul. Even more shocking yesterday, he traded what was left of his teams heart and soul in Jason Smith along with under-acheiving Joffrey Lupul for Joni Pitkanen, a player who was basically run out of town by the Flyers. It was only two years ago they were one game away from a cup, and now the Oilers are once again under-dogs. I think anyone with a heart has to be pulling for these guys to prove everyone wrong.....unless you're from Calgary.
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