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The Rangers are like your family member with an addiction problem. They get better for awhile, long enough that you think they're back to normal, but soon enough, they're back to their old habits. The Rangers addictions are big name free agents. They just can't get enough of them and will pay any amount, no matter how ludicrous to get what they need. After hitting rock bottom by making Bobby Holik a $9 million third line center, the Rangers emerged from the cap with a different philosophy. They trimmed all the fat, and quietly built a competitive team, making smart deals that Lou Lamoriello would've been proud of. But just as we thought the post-cap Rangers had turned the page, we see them tie up their resources for 7 years to 2 players who are very good, but definitely not superstars. With Jagr, Drury and Gomez taking up so much cap room, the Rangers will be in similar constricted territory as the Tampa Bay Lightning with their big three. If you think the Rangers won’t be too badly affected, one need only look to restricted free agent and franchise goalie Henrik Lundqvist, whose contract negotiations have already hit a bump and it's looking like the Rangers will force him into salary arbitration. The next hurdle for the Rangers will be retaining Brendan Shannahan who fit in beautifully for the team late last year. Not only did he provide great production, but was a leadership force, sticking up for his team against no less than Mr. Donald Brashear. Shannahan has publicly stated he chooses the Rangers over retirement, but you have to wonder if fair compensation can be provided, and a competitive team be maintained, with the scraps from the table. Better luck next time New York, although you might argue that over-paid talent is better than no talent at all, just ask the Islanders.
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Jagr takes up 4 million in Cap room 2 million less then any of the Big 3 in Tampa practically half of Richards. let's watch the signings play out before you jump to assumptions of what can and cannot be afforded.
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