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Posted August 30, 2007
Im going to go ahead a host a two hour chat. [url]http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=49211&cmd=tc[/url] click the link, and lets get it started with the questions. Read More »
There's been a ton of talk that the Habs and Sharks have talked about a trade that would send Patrick Marleau to the Habs, but speaking with a few sources, I've been told that the Predators, Oilers and the Sabres are also interested, and have offered better packages for Marleau. Also, just because the Sharks are listening to offers for Marleau, does that really mean the Sharks are going to go... Read More »

Coyotes and Rangers talks heating up.

Posted August 27, 2007
Speaking with a few sources in the past day or two, I've been told that the Rangers and Coyotes are talking about a trade that would send Montoya, Malik and Kasper's salary to the Coyotes for Jovo and a top prospect. At the moment, no one knows which prospects are being talked about, but we know that Rangers are asking for a forward in return. Folks, I think from the Coyotes side, they shou... Read More »
I've been talking to a few people from both sides, and I've been told that the Oilers are trying to grab Hossa from the Thrashers. Now even if both teams work something out, I've been told that Hossa is unwilling to sign a new deal, and will test the free agent market next summer. Also, don't count out the Sharks or the Habs if the Thrashers really open up talks for the superstar forward.... Read More »
Speaking to a source close to the Rangers front office, I've been informed that the Rangers are willing to swing a deal for Sens defensemen Wade Redden. I have also been told that if it doesn't happen, the Rangers will look at Jovo again, but will most likely go into opening night as is. Also, watch for Hossa to be moved. The Sharks have made an offer. I have much more information, but I need t... Read More »