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I know I haven't really spoke up on here all season but I am now. I'm sick of both teams whining about each other. Both teams have been dealt some bad breaks and some uneven and/or make up calls. When it comes right down to it, it doesn't matter.

The Flyers can whine all they want about games 1 and 5 and being over penalized but the fact is that they didn't score a single goal and in my mind, if you can't score a single goal (even on Ryan Miller) you don't deserve to win no matter what the circumstances. Help your goalie out.

To Buffalo, you didn't lose yesterday because Mike Richards hit Conolly "dirty" and hurt his shoulder. (They showed the hit repeatedly in slow motion and it looked to me like Richards was just trying to check him and win a battle for the puck). You lost because you let the flyers get 49 shots on your goalie. 49 shots, even on Ryan Miller earns the win. You lost because you were out played and whining about it now won't save you from game 7.

At the end of this round, no one really got away with anything. Calls and injuries have gone to both sides (as they do in every series) and the what if's really don't matter.

So let's stop whining and have a little faith. Let's instead start cheering on our Flyboys because the Wells Fargo Center has been PATHETICALLY quiet compared to every other arena I've seen in the playoffs so far.
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