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...Kimmo Timmonen out with a blood clot in his foot...and all of a sudden people go from being extremely hopeful to completely defeated. What is wrong with you people!?!

...I love Timmonen, I really do. He is honestly one of the best defenseman I've ever seen and he has been nothing short of spectacular in the playoffs so far. The main factor that AO wasn't on a scoring rampage, a key contributor to PP and PK success...he will be missed.

Let's get something straight though...as amazing as he may be, to believe that all of a sudden the Flyers don't have a prayer is just silly. I was listening to Jim Jackson on the radio this morning and he brought up a good point when he discussed how the team was looking at the injury.

Most people are extremely impressed with the progress the Flyers have made so far and nobody really expects any more out of them. Most people see this series as the end of the line (which baffles me...this is a closely matched series). Now, with the lost of their ice time leader and best defenseman, there are absolutely no expectations. The team is completely off the hook. They aren't worried about not having Kimmo, and they're not worried about playing Pittsburgh, or how many games it will take. They refuse to be intimidated by the Pens, or the Press.

I think the strides they have made this year are huge, not just in their play but also in their attitude.

So have a little faith fans...it's gonna be alright...

...that's all for now...and probably the next week...hopefully I can find somewhere to watch in Spain...adios!
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