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From Heaven To Hell

Posted January 19, 2012
How long ago does October feel with all the hype for the coming season? It feels like an eternity if you ask me. From those two convincing wins in Europe to whatever this is you want to call it now. The Sabres have quickly become one of the weakest teams in the league, and the boys on NBC Sports Network did not hold back when they spoke about the struggles in Buffalo. For me the turning point o... Read More »

Time To Evolve

Posted January 18, 2012
According to Lindy Ruff he is the one that needs to start leading this Buffalo Sabres team. It sounds to me like the leadership in that locker room is at question, and that this team is obviously not all on the same page. What Lindy Ruff needs to do is go all Ted Nolan on this team. All bets are off now, this team is spiraling out of control. If Lindy Ruff is going to lead this team then he doe... Read More »

The Truth Comes Out

Posted January 18, 2012
It has now been made public that the Sabres GM Darcy Regier is shopping forwards Derek Roy, Drew Stafford, and Brad Boyes around to many teams. Which teams, we do not know, but this information comes per ESPN's Pierre LeBrun. Regier is reportedly shopping these top 6 forwards in hope of getting another top 6 forward in return. Derek Roy is the player I would be the most reluctant to part with.... Read More »

Miller Brothers Call Out Sabres

Posted January 17, 2012
Figured I'd right a quick blog about what happened with Ryan Miller before I head off to work. Miller got pulled after allowing 5 goals through roughly 25 minutes of play in front of his friends and family who were in attendance. After the game we saw the same type of fire and emotion from Ryan Miller when he got ran by Milan Lucic. When asked about if the Sabres players were waiting for Darcy... Read More »
First off, hats off the the Detroit Red Wings for setting a franchise record 15 straight wins at home. Now down to business. As the old saying goes, "When it rains it pours." I'd say at this point it is flooding for the Buffalo Sabres. A 5-0 dismantlement of a Sabres team who is finding it impossible to find itself. And by that I mean this Sabres team just doesnt have any type of identity, or a... Read More »


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