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Time To Evolve

Posted 2:03 PM ET | Comments 0
According to Lindy Ruff he is the one that needs to start leading this Buffalo Sabres team. It sounds to me like the leadership in that locker room is at question, and that this team is obviously not all on the same page.

What Lindy Ruff needs to do is go all Ted Nolan on this team. All bets are off now, this team is spiraling out of control. If Lindy Ruff is going to lead this team then he doesn't need to be these players friends anymore. He needs to be their coach.

I get the feeling that Lindy is too buddy buddy with his players. I have this conversation with a good friend of mine constantly. A coach should be a symbol for their team, someone that they fear but at the same time respect. A team should be a reflection of their coach. This team is soft, lazy, and boring. That doesn't reflect too kindly upon Lindy Ruff.

The goalie shuffle seems to me to be the best example of how Lindy Ruff may be afraid to hurt his players feelings. Jhonas Enroth has out performed Ryan Miller this season at a fairly consistent rate. Yet Lindy Ruff doesn't seem to want to reward Enroth for his performance. Lindy comes out and says that he wants to ride Ryan Miller on a playoff run. The next game Miller performs poorly and the game after that its Enroth who gets the start. Lindy Ruff claims that that was based off of the "goalie schedule." Why would he make the claim that they need to ride Miller when he's just going to go by the schedule anyways? Doesn't make sense.

If Lindy Ruff wants to lead this team, he better walk the walk and not just talk the talk. I have no doubt that Lindy Ruff can coach this team to be successful, he's done it before. He's said himself that being the longest tenured coach has happened only because he has not been afraid to evolve his approach over the years. It seems it is time for a little evolution.
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