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From Heaven To Hell

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How long ago does October feel with all the hype for the coming season? It feels like an eternity if you ask me. From those two convincing wins in Europe to whatever this is you want to call it now. The Sabres have quickly become one of the weakest teams in the league, and the boys on NBC Sports Network did not hold back when they spoke about the struggles in Buffalo.

For me the turning point of the season was the game where Milan Lucic cartwheeled Ryan Miller. It exposed the most fatal flaw for any sports team; a lack of togetherness. When your team needs to have a team meeting to figure out what it is you're supposed to do when the opposition drills your goalie in the head with a body check, then you're team clearing isn't a team at all. It turns out these Buffalo Sabres are just a bunch of individuals.

You can blame the coach all you want, but when the players are that far off point then its time to rethink your core. Terry Pegula preached wanting to have a sense of family in this organization, a sort of brotherhood. Would a brother sit by and watch another brother get punched in the head? No, it's a common sense thing that you jump in and get ready for a brawl. When literally nothing happened, you could essentially tell that this Sabres team was not truly a team.

There are many people clamoring for changes here in Buffalo. I myself am one of those people. You could argue that by the way the players are playing that even they are waiting for something. Unlike many though, I believe there is more than one approach to get this team back on track. They could change the coach or they could trade some players, but what needs to come a result is the Sabres pulling together as a team.
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